Head of Russian Church Advocates Federal Ban on Inciting Women to Have Abortions

Originally appeared at: foma.ru

The law prohibiting inducement to abortion adopted in the Republic of Mordovia should be extended to other regions and to the federal level, believes His Holiness Patriarch Kirill.

– Not so long ago, a law was passed in Mordovia banning inducement to abortion. I hope that this initiative will be supported in other regions and at the federal level,” said the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church on November 12, 2023 at the opening of the XI Church-wide Congress on Social Ministry.

The Patriarch is convinced that it is necessary to “categorically suppress” situations where “the first conversation of a woman who comes to the consultation sometimes begins with the words of the doctor: “Well, are we going to take care of it?”

“You cannot induce people to have an abortion - this is a crime, especially in Russia, where there is really a problem with the population,” Patriarch Kirill emphasized.

The head of the Russian Church considers it important that "a woman who in confusion came to a facility where a fatal mistake could be made, would come into contact with alternative point of view, that is, that there is no need to have an abortion. This information can be presented to her in a calm and reasonable way."

Patriarch Kirill noted that today this good deed is entrusted, first of all, to nurses, who in such institutions should act as consultants, nurses, and volunteers.

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