Modern Christian Martyr, Shot In His Own Church

An angry Muslim entered the church with a gun and shouted, "Where is the priest Daniel?" The priest stepped out from the altar and said, "I am Daniel." He was shot to death in cold blood, in the middle of the church. At the age of 34, he was granted a martyr's death for preaching the Gospel. This happened only ten years ago.

On this day, ten years ago, an Orthodox priest was martyred for preaching Christ to Muslims and converting them.

An angry Muslim entered this priest's church with a gun, and shouted "Where is the priest Daniel?"

Fr. Daniel Sysoev

People ran out. Fr. Daniel was behind the icon-screen in the altar, and could easily have escaped out the side door through the vestry. Instead, he stepped out from the altar into the nave of the church and said, "I am Daniel." And he was shot to death in cold blood in the middle of the Church.

Fr. Daniel, on the day of his martyrdom, had not yet reached his 35th birthday. He was born in the Soviet Union, and lived the first 17 years of his life behind the Iron Curtain. He loved Christ from his youth, even in officially atheist Soviet Russia, and, even though as a child and young man he was mocked by his peers and school teachers for his faith in Jesus Christ, he never abandoned his saviour.

And at the age of 34, he was granted a martyr's death for the preaching of the Gospel.

This happened only nine years ago.

This isn't a story from centuries ago, although Fr. Daniel is now numbered among those in heaven who died for the faith from the earliest years of the Church.

Glory to God who is wondrous in His saints.

Fr. Daniel Sysoev

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