Why Russia Can Never Be Defeated

Russians have always been thinking about their country as a Mother


The author is a licensed clinical psychologist and long-time activist for progressive causes, who lives and practices in New York

He wrote this article specially for RI



Napoleon's Retreat from Moscow


Captured German soldiers being lead to prisoner camps in Stalingrad, 1943.

White-supremacist American imperialists have dreamed of defeating and dismembering Russia since at least the 1920's and early '30's when most of America's elite--consisting of the likes of John D. Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, Andrew Mellon, Henry Ford, William Randolph Hearst, Joseph Kennedy (father of JFK and RFK), and Prescott Bush (father of George H.W. Bush and grandfather of George W. Bush)--decided to massively bankroll Hitler and the Nazi Party, with a view to eradicating the "mongrel" Soviet Union and the Jews of Europe along the way (as documented here, here, and here)--although their attempted coup against FDR  miserably failed (and FDR still pardoned his fellow patricians "for the good of the country."  What else?)

Once Germany's massive rearmament got under way, it was the German factories of Ford, General Motors, General Electric, and Alcoa that built most of the tanks and warplanes of Hitler's dreaded Wehrmacht, while Dupont and Standard Oil (now Exxon) supplied the synthetic fuel.  For their part, Coca-Cola provided tons of Germany's favorite caffeinated soft drink to keep Luftwaffe pilots "coked up" for their long bombing runs.

IBM's punch-card record-keeping, in turn, made the Holocaust possible on an industrial scale: which by one estimate led to the deaths not just of 6 million Jews, but also 5.5 - 7 million Ukrainians, 3.3 million Russian POWs, 2 million Russian civilians, 3 million Poles, and 1.5 million Yugoslavs.   What marked these non-Jewish populations for extermination  was that they were all assumed to be either "pure blood" or "mixed blood" Slavs--whom Hitler lumped together with Jews as untermenschen (i.e. subhumans) in Mein Kampf.   (Which the  Neo-Nazis of "Aryan" Ukraine often quote with approval in relation to Slavic Ukrainians and Russians to this day.)  

The American Aryan imperialists took it for granted, of course, that the German Wehrmacht would roll right over their those Russian Orthodox "subhumans."  But after months of house to house, even room to room fighting, it was the Nazis who surrendered at Stalingrad on February 2, 1943.  At that point, the head of the US Office of Strategic Services, former wealthy Wall Street lawyer, Allen Dulles, realized that Hitler would soon lose the war; and that it was now up to the United States, as the sole remaining capitalist superpower, to don the invisible mantle of fascism as the only ideology tough enough to defend Godly Capitalism against Godless Communism with its demonic dream of economic equality.  What poor peasant or worker would not vote for equal wealth if he had the chance?  That's why democracies are disastrous for the 1%, Dulles reasoned.  Fascism is the only way.  Make the masses feel exceptional--not equal.  And if they still demand their own fair share, shoot em dead!  The Nazis had that part down pat.  

"So why not use these fellow Aryans?" Dulles thought.  And he came up with a treasonous plan for the benefit of the 1% which he hid from the dying FDR.  That was to have the top Nazi generals, intelligence officials, scientists, and the like surrender to the Americans, rather than the Soviets.  Then after their files were "scrubbed" clean of any atrocities they might have committed for the Third Reich (or their own amusement), they'd be shipped off in the "right" direction.  The best and brightest were sent to America to work in Intelligence or Defense or, in the case of Werner Von Braun, they were put in charge of our missile program.  Whereas the worst of the worst were smuggled into South America to start fascist movements there.  Or if they were really, really bad and high-profile figures too--like Josef Mengele or Adolf Eichmann, say--they might simply be told: "Just lie on a beach and enjoy your memories."  The rest were placed in positions of power and influence in the Postwar German government or elsewhere.     

Flash forward to today, and American imperialists have much to be proud of.  Communism is dead, and so is Arab nationalism, except in Syria under Bashar al-Assad.  Sadly for me as a Christian, so too is Liberation Theology in South America.  Can you picture Archbishop Romero being shot through the heart as he said Mass at the altar?  His life's blood mixing with the Blood of Christ?  Is there nothing that our fascist elites will not order their death squads to do?  And laugh about it too?

Watch Hillary Clinton crack up at the breaking news of Muammar Gaddafi's mutilation-murder at the hands of our "moderate" terrorists. 

"We came.  We saw.  He died."  She crows with Satanic  glee--using the royal "We."  What a monster of depravity!  The man has just had his throat slit--after being sodomized with a bayonet, and she's downright giddy about it!  She even wants to claim all the credit for herself.  This Satanic atrocity!  By linking his mutilation/murder to her trip to Benghazi.  What would she have us think?  That she gave "our" terrorists strict instructions to rape him with a bayonet first?  She even mangles Caesar's famous line to drive her sick claim home

She does believe she's another Caesar.  She's that demonically deranged.  She wants to show the world she's got the biggest "balls" around--when she has none.  Her pant suits fool no one.   

Putin would never behave like that.  Not in a million years!  He's far too moral a man--too compassionate a man--too Orthodox a man--to brag that he somehow incited a lynch-mob to mutilate and murder a helpless man.  As Jesus tells us in Matthew 25:40: it is the same as inciting a lynch-mob to mutilate and murder Christ Himself.

Indeed Putin's friends report that Putin felt extreme guilt over Gaddafi's mutilation/murder, having allowed himself to be fooled by those fork-tongued Americans into approving a UN Resolution which he believed only authorized NATO to keep Gaddafi from committing genocide against the people of Benghazi, but which was actually intentionally so vaguely worded as to give NATO carte blanche to do what it pleased--even to murdering Gaddafi in this sickest of ways.

Is it carrying a sense of responsibility too far, to blame himself for being deceived?  Many psychologists might say so.  But as a Christian psychologist myself, with over 40 years of training and experience (if that Biblical number tells you something),  I would say that the depth of his guilt shows the depth of his compassion.  And the depth of his compassion shows the depth of Putin's Orthodox faith.

Not that Putin is exceptional in this regard.  Quite the contrary.  He is a typical Orthodox man in the depth of his faith.  That is the basis of his enormous popularity and power.  He is just like them.  He is Everyman..  And this is why the Orthodox faithful have such trust in him.  He is a plain-spoken man of his word.  And while that fact may have led him to assume too readily that Americans can be trusted to live up to their word as well, Putin is a quick learner; and will not be fooled by them again.  Did not Jesus Himself warn him in Matthew 7:15 to beware of such men who: " come to you in sheep's clothing," but are "ravening wolves within?”  

Putin thought Erdogan could be trusted as well.  But after the Russian plane was shot down, he saw the "ravening wolf" in Erdogan too.  And when it comes to meting out just punishment, Putin has as much Christian patience as anyone.   

This is why the Satanic West can never defeat Holy Russia.  Though the West has long since lost its Christian moorings, as Hillary Clinton shows so well, patience is not a weakness.  Nor are modesty, humility, and compassion.  These are Putin's personal qualities. (If you watch RT, you can see them).  But they are not his uniquely.  Though I'm not Russian, I would say from my dealings with many Russians over the years as a psychologist that these particular qualities typify devout Russian Orthodox men like Putin.  That's why most Russians trust Putin—whether they themselves are Orthodox or not.  They know the type.  And men possessed of Orthodox virtues make for undefeatable Christian warriors: just ask Hitler.  Whereas our generals drew the wrong lesson from World War II; and decided that the Allies would have beaten the Nazis single-handedly (or so the Serpent whispered in their ears) all the quicker if only our troops had embraced the Satanic "virtues" of pride, cruelty, and demonization-of-the-enemy.  And we've been demonizing our troops ever since--with the results one can see.

But Russia also has a loving kind of weapon that has long protected it.  It sees all of Russia as Mother Russia (In Russian: Россия-Матушка).  Think about it for a sec.  Germany has no motherland, just a fatherland.  And the USA doesn't even have that.  If one goes to a patriotic film here about, say, an American sniper blowing off the heads of defenseless "towel-heads," a bunch of tattooed ex-Marines may get up and shout: "USA!  USA!  USA!"  But we have no motherland.  France tried to plant the seed with the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor.  But a mother is supposed to open her arms to all her children--even brown ones.  And the US government didn't want those brown "tired and poor" on our shores, so the idea of a motherland never really stuck.  In fact, we've tended to exterminate or enslave all none-whites.  Hitler even said he took his racial policies from us!

Russia, on the other hand, has always been a multi-religious, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic land of abundant resources, stretching across 12 time zones.  So it's always been natural to think of "her" as a mother.  For what is a mother?  One who feeds and shelters her children.  And when they grow to adulthood, her sons and daughters, in turn, protect and care for her.  Thus the concept of Mother Russia elicits feelings of love, loyalty and protectiveness that go far, far beyond post-Renaissance notions of the nation-state and the kind of patriotism a given nation-state--especially under the aegis of austerity--might arouse.  Those who see Russia as their Mother will give back the very lives she once gave them to defend her.

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