Why Are the Orthodox Fiddling While Earth Burns? An Open Letter to Bishops and Priests

Originally appeared at: Orthodox Reflections

Masters, bless! Christ is in our midst! We are living in unprecedented times, so I am writing a fitting letter. I am a former freelance writer and a 20-year member of the Orthodox Church who has researched the confluence of events affecting our nation and world.

I have consulted various sources. “When we know the truth, we are given the opportunity to be troubled, to ask questions,” said St. Paisios. I urge you to prayerfully consider the following information, which I share with respect and kind regard.

I am apolitical, but I am concerned about several issues. To understand my letter, you will need to ignore the left-right paradigm that the media and politicians use to divide us.

The recently instituted, dehumanizing practices in our parishes of wearing masks and maintaining “social distance” (an oxymoron, if ever there were one) and of not venerating icons have been embraced without skepticism, an expiration date, or definitive science to support them. Viruses do not jump from person to person like fleas, so why the robotic “6 feet apart”? The reason for “distancing” given by the trenchant observer Jeremy Elliott should disturb you, because it involves social-engineering and facial-recognition technology.

Health orders from atheist public officials are affecting the ancient practices of our Orthodox Christian Faith. At what point, will the bishops dispense with face masks and fear in the temple? These practices in the temple — face masks, especially — are introducing innovations into our 2,000-year-old worship that will not disappear, unless Church leaders vanquish them boldly and loudly. Will the bishops speak up, and wrest the Body of Christ from its current persecution?

Many naive mask-wearers feel self-righteous. But politicians know masks are a potent symbol of submission and subjugation. They will not tell you to forgo them. You have the power to stop parishioners’ fear by reinforcing the incarnational message of Christ. St. Gabriel of Georgia said: “If you knew how much Grace there is in the temple; if you knew how much blessing comes during Divine Liturgy, then you would gather up even the dust from the floor of the church to wash your face with it.” If this is still true, why don’t you say so?

The CDC revised its SARS-Cov-2 death numbers downward dramatically and said that the virus has a 99.74% recovery rate. Testing people without symptoms makes no sense; 90 percent of asymptomatic tests are returning false-positives; and the late Kary Mullis, the PCR test’s inventor, would be aghast that it is being used to “diagnose” anything. Lord have mercy on all who are ill; but which of these facts requires masks in the temple?

Christ is risen! Indeed He is risen! is our Paschal greeting. It is the message your flocks need to hear immediately, to counter the months of fear whispered in their ears by politicians and the mass media. It is the message the world needs to hear. The Christian message has been muzzled by months of fear, sanctions, and a state-imposed chaos on par with a world war.

Alas, from this whirlwind emerges the most disturbing news of all — the presumed COVID “vaccines.” These injections are being touted as “mandatory” by many politicians; but they are so rushed and experimental as to be genocidal.

Because of the rush, leading pharmaceutical companies have skipped the usual animal testing; have not tested large, random samples of humans, which would take years; and are including in the shots synthetic RNA and DNA, a “luciferase” luminescent enzyme, and hydrogel nanotechnology/artificial intelligence that can be used to track people, according to Dr. Carrie Madej and the health writer Bill Sardi.

The shots, being produced with the help of the Dept. of Defense, appear to be a tracking device: “The hydrogel chip, which is injected with a syringe, could be injected along with any COVID vaccination. Mandatory vaccination would be the key to any widespread deployment of the project.”

One lead company, Moderna, has never produced medicine for humans. According to Del Bigtree of the Informed Consent Action Network, a SARS-coronavirus vaccine, under any circumstance, is the most dangerous jab ever attempted. So far, industry watchdogs have reported at least four serious side effects in the COVID “vaccine” trials in various countries. The jab has induced one case of multiple sclerosis, one case of transverse myelitis (polio), one case of encephalitis, and one death. I’ll leave you to look up those stories; try Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (yes, that Kennedy) and his organization Children’s Health Defense.

Under the PREP Act, any product that pharmaceutical companies develop in an “emergency” is free of liability. Thus, even if the rushed injections kill or cripple people, the companies cannot be sued or held accountable. Big Pharma has a long history of being amoral. The billionaire Bill Gates, a college dropout with a God-complex who has bribed nearly everyone on the planet, is deep in the thick of this injection scam. He pontificates in interviews about plans to inject the entire world’s population.

He, the lifetime booster of Planned Parenthood and population reduction. He, whose recently funded live-polio vaccine initiative in Sudan is causing polio outbreaks, according to the UN.

Forcing an injection, or any medical procedure, on an individual is human experimentation, which violates the Nuremberg Code as well as other protective human-rights documents. Depraved politicians are willing to violate human rights, at the behest of their Pharma donors. But I assume that Christ’s Holy Church has a strong opinion about humans taking a luciferase tattoo or participating in transhumanist experiments?

My family, via chanting, videography, and attendance, provided the backbone of support for our small Greek Orthodox parish throughout the spring’s shutdown and reopening — without masks or illness. Our entire lives, we have voluntarily stayed home when ill and practiced good hygiene, as common sense dictates. Having raised kids, I am expert at ascertaining when any of us is well or ill.

But have you asked yourself recently: Is there such a thing as wellness anymore? The incisive Big Pharma critic Toby Rogers observed: “The Pharma Junta has decreed that there is no such thing as wellness. Talk of wellness is a sign of mental illness. Everyone is either Asymptomatic Sick or Symptomatic Sick. ANY discussion of ‘wellness’ will result in the deactivation of your chip & removal to a quarantine camp.”

Worldwide, humans are being programmed, via operant-conditioning, to accept mask-wearing, obsessive fear of microbes and human contact, ritual cleaning, and contact-tracing lists as normal. I do not accept these; I do not consider fellow humans nothing more than petri dishes; I do not consent. These are fascist mind-control techniques used to subjugate populations.

Speaking of fascists, many American governors are in legal trouble for their recent dictatorial overreach. Take a moment to look up the lawsuits your local dictator is facing, including suits for compelling businesses to impose face-mask mandates. In legalese, that’s “compelled speech.” Bishops and clergy should publicly distance themselves from these criminal politicians and health departments.

Wait — there is more. Did you know that during this year’s shutdowns, riots, and fires, while many businesses were closed or otherwise destroyed, equity companies bought up the private economy for pennies on the dollar, and billionaires everywhere dramatically increased their net worth?

This is not mere serendipity. COVID-19 is the opening salvo in a war on humanity, and is really best understood as economic warfare. Please look up the Rockefeller Lockstep Plan, the UN Agenda 21, the Davos Fourth-Industrial Revolution, and the World Economic Forum Great Reset.

These assorted plans signal an ambitious move toward a worldwide totalitarian, neo-feudalist (i.e., slavery) system. The “elites” cooked up the plans years ago. They include inventorying and controlling “all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all energy, all education, all information, and all human beings in the world.” They include ending currencies and providing the common man with something akin to “credit on the company store,” according to the former banker and HUD official Catherine Austin Fitts. The activist Alison McDowell and the Adapt 2030 channel connect more dots by explaining how the system will be run using blockchain technology.

We are in such a mess that there is no political solution. Our parishes, country, and world are being overthrown by fear, cowardice, and utter madness, instigated by unelected, unaccountable power-brokers and their political lackeys, and accepted by a compliant populace. The Davos Men, notably Gates and the world’s central bankers, are a clique that usually stays in the shadows, controlling the money supply, the politicians of both major parties, supply chains, corporations, technology, and mass media. As the comedian George Carlin once quipped: “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it.”

Now these megalomaniacs are in the open, finagling their Great Reset and Green World Order that apparently requires bankrupting, culling, or re-engineering everyone else. They are using a flu virus as a pretext for setting up a new world order, with little organized resistance. So far, what they have accomplished are confusion, chaos, and mass protests.

Meanwhile, the world is suffering under mask mandates, unemployment, bankruptcies, food shortages, deaths of despair, and mental instability. Barna says 1 in 5 American churches will close within months. The political class, corporations, media, universities, and teachers’ unions have committed themselves to this fear-based psychological operation overthrowing humanity. Why are so many good men silent?

Where is the Orthodox Church’s leadership at such a flashpoint in history? Does Christ’s Church have anything to say publicly about these disturbing trends? Are special prayers called for? Are you prepared to resist poison injections and to warn your flocks? Where is the salvific, counter-cultural message of the Gospel, to counter the unmitigated fear, tyranny, and upheaval? In addition to praying, will leaders of Christ’s Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church research, confer on these topics, and openly speak out against this coup?

And if you will not, why not?

Cassandra St. John
Member of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America

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