WATCH: Ukrainian Christians Hold Huge Prayer Service, Protest Pro-Sodomy Western Values

Ukraine has held another gay parade, aping its new ally, the West. But many Ukrainian Christians, still faithful to the values of the Russian Orthodox Church, take a stand against their country's insanity and gather for huge prayer services for the traditional family

On June 17th, Ukraine, monkeying its Western idols, had its second 'successful' gay parade, to the glee of liberal world.

However, a huge percent of the Ukrainian population, despite what the media tells you, is still faithful to the Russian church and the norms it upholds.

On the same day June 17th, many of these Ukrainian Christians gathered for huge prayer services to state that they revoke the attempt to degrade their country seems to be pursuing. Instead, they prayed for the triumph and conservation of the traditional family. (Transcript provided below)

Even since the US-supported Maidan Revolution in Ukraine, the new pro-Western government has been pushing for 'equality' and 'acceptance', ie gay rights and feminism. However, since the country has begun severing ties with its traditional ally, Russia, Christian norms in society have also taken a heavy toll. There is increasing support for homosexuality and feminism.

Before, Ukrainians, many of whom belong to the Russian Orthodox Church, have passionately resisted any attempts to celebrate the degradation of the family. Though there have been attempts to be made to hold gay parades in years past, they have been prevented by pro-family protestors.

Today, the country, which has historically shared the values and beliefs of the Russian Christian church, is aping the West, and establishing gay parades and other forms of moral degradation.

But despite what the Western media tells you, a huge part of the population continues to resist it, trying to hold on to its traditional values


We realize that it is a sin and we don't want to participate in it. We state that we are against it.

In the Ezekiel, Chapter 33 the Lord says to him - if you saw the sin and warned the people and they didn't take the warning, then blood is on their heads. But if you saw the sin and didn't say to the people about that - the blood is on your head.

So we got together today to claim that it is sin and we are not connected with this sin. Punishment follows the sin and we'll see it. If people don't obey God, there will be a punishment. We don't want it, but it is the consequence of sin.

We shouldn't keep silent. Some people say that it's none of our business that somebody comes and forces this sinful lifestyle up us. What for? To enslave us and our country, our people and our children so that they degenerate.

We protest against it and we pray that God turns us away from this punishment and gives wisdom to our government.

If they follow the sin that being introduced, their son or daughter may come one day and say that they are a gay or a female homosexual. The government will be punished for encouraging these sins.

That's why we should stand for our family values. We understand that family should consist of a father and a mother and children should be brought up. A family is a part of our society and Church, it is a "domestic church".

We protect our Christian values so that our country doesn't degenerate and we could live and pray and follow our Christian commandments in this country.

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