Number of Russians Who Believe Abortion Is Unacceptable Has Almost Tripled In Seven Years - POLL

According to 13% of Russians, today there are no circumstances that justify the termination of pregnancy. In 2015, 5% of fellow citizens considered abortion unacceptable, according to the VTsIOM poll published Tuesday on its website, reports Interfax-Religion.

In turn, 36% of Russians believe that a woman has the right to an abortion under any circumstances if she herself wants it, while 43% of respondents believe abortion is justified if there is a threat to life.

The survey results show that more than one-third of Russians (36%) are convinced of the state's obligation to take measures to prevent abortions, while every second (51%) is against any regulatory measures.

More than a quarter of Russian women surveyed (29%) admitted to having had an abortion.

According to VCIOM data, almost two-thirds of women (60%) have acquaintances who have had an abortion, and among men 38% of respondents reported that they have acquaintances of women who have had an abortion.

The nationwide survey was conducted on May 29, 2022 among 1600 respondents aged 18 and over.

Source: (Russian)

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