Popular Russian Priest (Tkachev): Christian Marriage is REALLY HARD

If you're looking for an easy life, Christian marriage is not for you

Editor’s note: We carry Fr Andrey’s 3-minute videos so often because they’re so short and so delightful. Also, because it’s just phenomenal that such a huge portion of the Russian population watches them daily. Imagine turning on the TV and seeing a priest give you juicy spiritual advice...every night.

We’re back with our favorite priest, Fr. Andrey Tkachev and his 3-minute daily show on Tsargrad.tv

Men, you have the Gospel to blame for all your countless obligations to your wife.

Jewish, Greek, and Roman men had it easy: their duties to their wives were very, very slight.

They could have concubines. They could kick their wife out if they were tired of her.

The Gospel changed all that.

And so, if you’re not ready for sacrifice and humility (apostle Paul greatly pitied married Christian men for their trials), Fr Andrey Tkachev, married priest, and father of 5 says: forget marriage.

Marriage is like a rose: it smells the best and pricks the most of all flowers.

You have to take care of it. All the time.

It may be easier to stay single?

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