May 2 - Blessed Matrona of Moscow

Even from birth it was clear that the blind little girl was chosen by God . . . 

Blessed Matrona of Moscow

Stories about St. Matrona of Moscow were shared from mouth to mouth by many people, and there was no one who would say that the saint had not helped him.

Blind from birth, poor, and homeless, for most of her life she didn't have a permanent roof over her head. She also suffered from a difficult illness, and her legs were paralyzed. She accepted all of this humbly, as the will of God. 

For many years she stayed in various places, including Moscow basements, various houses, and apartments. It was only the thankfulness of those who had come to her for help, and her neighbors' compassion, that helped her to survive.

Even from birth it was clear that the blind little girl was chosen by God. When she was born, there was an unusual bump on her chest, clearly in the shape of a cross, like a baptismal cross.

At seven years old she received the gift of prophecy, and she foresaw many misfortunes that would come to Russia: The Revolution, the Civil War, and World War I. 

Matrona truly had a great gift for healing people's bodies and souls. She never refused anyone, although towards evening, after taking other's misfortunes onto herself, she was unable to utter a single word, and only moaned from tiredness and sorrow, praying for the sinful publicans of this world. Indeed, true sufferers can find the path to holiness. 

Thousands of people, from a half century ago until now, have considered Matrona to be their last hope for a miracle. Matrona hears any sincere prayer sent to her, and she helps people, when with faith and love they ask for her intercession before the Lord. Truly, this blessed saint has great boldness towards God. 

May 2nd is the feast day of Blessed Matrona of Moscow. 

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