Greek Monk Dies From Heart Failure After 3rd Dose of the Covid Shot

Many Elders on Mt Athos consider this a sign. . .

The whole of Mount Athos is shocked at the sudden death of the former Chief Supervisor (Πρωτοεπιστάτης) Paul from Great Lavra, from a sudden heart failure a few days after the 3rd dose of his vax.

Many Elders on Mt Athos consider this a Sign. The words of Geronda Parthenios, Geronda Gabriel and others are being confirmed: whoever has the 3rd dose of the vax does not have a future.

Even if one has done the 1st or 2nd he must NOT do the 3rd He must go to Holy Confession and repent of participating indirectly / supporting the demonic use of cell lines from murdered unborn babies and the demonic methodology at work in the Coronavirus narrative. 

Source: (Greek)

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