Orthodox Prophecies: Vaccines Will Be Manipulated to Alter DNA and Destroy Free Will

"They will inject chemical substances inside of you (vaccines). That will paralyze your nous, your volition, your freedom, It will alter your sense of personal feeling, and detract your mind/nous." — Elder Athanasius Mitilinaios

"A manufactured virus from the United States of America . . . People will be rushing to get an anti-viral (flu-fighting) vaccine. And little do they know that this vaccine will contain the virus in and of itself!” — Elder Savvas Achilleos.

This article from our archives was first published on RI in June 2020

Is the “well-being” of humanity truly the driving factor behind the powers that are rushing to create a c-virus vaccine? Or are there darker intentions around this agenda?

In this post, I am not so much trying to address material issues surrounding the modern application of vaccines but rather the possible spiritual intent. I will remind the reader that we are psycho-somatic beings in our totality, so what we physically put into our person will have a spiritual effect (as a drastic example take LSD, it is a physical-chemical that indeed induces sinister spiritualism).

Generally speaking, I'm not against the principle of vaccines – that it is possible to help build a person, or a group of persons, immunity against a said illness. This is not a new idea nor a bad one. Thus the neutral principle of vaccines is not in and of itself wrong. Thus, let it be clear, I'm not against vaccines, I'm addressing the very real possibility that the idea of vaccines, and its mode of delivery, can be used for evil and harm. And in the hands of wicked men, they will be used in such a manner.

I will say that I think we, as Christians, should question, generally speaking, the modern use and agenda of vaccines. It is my opinion that in modern usage the principle of the vaccine has become manipulated and distorted. We must consider soberly that at current the principle of “vaccines” has been hijacked by certain “experts” who have distorted it for possible nefarious reasons. We must take seriously that most of the large Pharmaceutical Corporations are not governed by Godly morals. Indeed most of them are giant for-profit outfits that take in billions of dollars.

As Christians, we should be pondering such things as: is it profitable to inject aborted (murdered) human baby tissues into persons? Or the tissues of monkeys and so forth? Are mercury and aluminum valid elements to be injected into people? What is the spiritual (and physical) repercussions of receiving into oneself the tissues of a murdered human being? I believe these to be valid questions (and more could be listed) which every sober-minded Christian, and others, should be asking. 

Keep in mind it is very possible the covid-19 vaccine will contain or will have been cultivated using aborted baby tissues. Is that something Christians of any conviction should receive?

Now my point is not to address vaccines generally, it is beyond my scope at current. So I don't want to follow that trail, as vital as it is, too much. I will offer peppered throughout this post some links which, if the reader desires, will offer valuable information worth considering. I encourage you to research them.

I also want to avoid at current the idea that a vaccine will be “the mark of the beast.” I'm not saying it couldn't be, nor am I saying it will be. I'm saying that is not my point right now. My specific concern, which is to be the focus, is the spiritual goal of the upcoming covid-19 vaccine. I believe it to be the responsibility of true Christianity to question the intent, spiritually (and yes physically) of this “vaccine” (and vaccines in general). 

The well known “mark of the beast” does not simply fall out of nowhere from the sky. There has been a steady process leading the way to its final physical manifestation. Yet, it is primarily a spiritual state which will be somehow confirmed in a material manner. So, we must strive to avoid even the paving stones which are building the path, the way, for such a “mark.” Although modern “vaccines” most likely are not THE Mark, the current agenda may well be paving stones along the way. That is it is seeking to cultivate a certain spiritual state in humanity which will predispose it to receive a godless spirit and state.

Before I offer a few points for consideration, I first will present the following words from two modern elders with regard to the general topic of the modern use and intent of “vaccines.” The reader will note that both elders inform us that a type (or a series) of vaccine will be used to alter the state of persons. Through this alteration, a person will become more susceptible to accepting an antichrist spirit. Here are the quotes (here is the link to my source at present) -

During former times of persecution my beloved, a bodily form of torture was certain, but there was never any sort of direct influence (alteration) of the mind and soul. In the martyrdom of the last days, there will be a manipulation of the soul, and the methods used will be most satanic. Why?

Because they will inject chemical substances inside of you (vaccines). That will paralyze your nous, your volition, your freedom, It will alter your sense of personal feeling, and detract (misdirect) your mind/nous. These things have been tested and are widely known!

Having said this, how will one confess the name of Christ and not bow down to the Antichrist?

What a terrifying form of martyrdom! That is why, fleeing is necessary! I repeat once more. Fleeing will be necessary. Because we do not know if we can endure such a type of martyrdom.

How will we react? What will be our stance, disposition, and desire when they inject us with such chemicals?

Another element is delusion. At least the ancient martyrs clearly knew the difference between Christianity and idolatry. He knew that as a Christian he was faced against idolatry and had to put up a fight! Now Christianity (and the Church administrations) have become secularized – things are not so clear anymore!

The faith has become compromised and vague! One of the most fascinating and captivating elements will be that of miracle-working. The Antichrist will do many miracles. The pagans did not perform miracles!

In General, the deception will prevail and the truth will be indistinguishable for secularized Christians.

That's why our Lord says, 'And many false Christ's and prophets will arise, that will work marvelous signs and wonders, so as to deceive even the elect.'”     

— Elder Athanasius Mitilinaios

They are warning us - to expect a very impactful flu. They are cautioning the world about a coming flu. How would they know this?! It is obvious they know, because they will release the flu! The will create viruses! This will not be naturally occurring - ordinary type of pandemical flu, but one, in which they will create themselves.

A manufactured virus from the United States of America. What will cause this new flu – will be something that resembles that of a flu. In medical terms, it may be caused by a form of mycoplasma (a bacteria known for being naturally resistant to antibiotics). Which will be transferred via the means of a supposed “anti-viral' vaccine.

We need to put our attention on this point here! People will be rushing to get an anti-viral (flu-fighting) vaccine. And little do they know that this vaccine will contain the virus in and of itself!”     

— Elder Savvas Achilleos

The Elders clearly state that vaccines will be manipulated and used to alter existing human conditions. This is not an outlandish idea, such things exist. Even such “pioneers” in the world of vaccines such as Jonas Salk saw them as a powerful means of control and mass manipulation.

In light of what is said above it would be beneficial to consider that the upcoming covid vaccine will possibly utilize RNA delivery methods. RNA is described in most places as “novel.” There is also experimentation in DNA based vaccines. Both of these take a novel approach from the four “standard” vaccine delivery methods: Live-attenuated vaccines; Inactivated vaccines; Subunit, recombinant, polysaccharide, and conjugate vaccines; Toxoid vaccines.

What are the spiritual consequences of trying to meddle with human DNA? What is the underlying purpose of such an agenda that uses the fundamental biological building blocks like RNA and DNA in vaccines? How will that affect the DNA and such of the persons who receive it? What will be the spiritual consequences?

At this point, it is important to understand that the CDC, for example, has a vested monetary interest in the modern use of vaccines. It is not a neutral institution, in fact, some say it should be called a “vaccine company.” Thus, it cannot be trusted on the matter of vaccines.

It would also be wise to consider agendas such as ID2020, RNIF microchips, and quantum-dot tattoos. These things tie into the clearly stated agenda of tracking and tracing people. It would be wise to consider the fact that the major powers behind this current vaccine push desire to establish massive tracking systems.

Ponder this timeline of events in relationship to the current crisis and the massive push for a global vaccine.

Here is a very interesting interview with informed persons on the subject of the modern use of vaccines.

Overall, as this current agenda is soberly considered, the reader will see how imminent the words of the above elders are revealed to be. The very real potential of using the cover of vaccines as a means to alter human beings and their state, thereby enslaving them, is not science fiction. It is a reality.

In the name of bodily “health” will people begin to relinquish spiritual acumen and freedom? Will Christians? It seems possible.

I would also venture to ponder, will some in the Orthodox Church simply promote the upcoming vaccine as the “answer?” Since it seems some have only gone lockstep with secular orders and CDC guidelines thus far. Will we see “directives” recommending that the faithful simply receive the vaccine “for their own good the good of their neighbors?” (I wonder because I have already heard "the vaccine" and "the experts" referred to by various Orthodox persons, as I noted here.)

I am bringing up, in brief, this subject because I believe it needs to be soberly considered. What will be the spiritual (and physical) consequences? Are we spiritually ready and prepared to face this agenda? We must consider this deeply. I hope we will.

(An endnote: It is very clear that as Christians we are called to “fear not” and trust in the Lord. This is obvious, thus in pointing these things out I'm not doing so at all from fear but rather from the conviction that as Christians we are called to be truly “rational” and understanding. Ignorance is not a virtue. There is a clear agenda at work, and it is not coming from Godly persons. We would do well to examine it and call it into question, for the well-being of humanity.)

Fr. Zechariah Lynch & his wife Natalia

Fr. Zechariah is an Orthodox priest in Pueblo, Colorado, at the Archangel Michael Orthodox Church. He blogs at The Inkless Pen, and is a regular contributor at Russian Faith.

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