"Everyday Saints" Author to Attend Muslim Mosque Grand Opening (Metropolitan Tikhon)

Metropolitan Tikhon: "God willing, I will definitely come to the opening of the mosque in Simferopol"

Originally appeared at: RIA
Editor's Note: This article reports on some unfortunate news, and we do not endorse this bishop's behavior. He should denounce the grand opening of this mosque, and he should not participate in any way. He should not "walk around with pleasure" when looking at this temple of false religion, and he should not be meeting with Muslim clergy, unless he plans to call them to repentance and faith in Christ. To understand why the directors of Russian Faith do not consider this news to be positive, please see our many articles opposing ecumenism.
The head of the Crimean Metropolis of the Russian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Tikhon of Simferopol and Crimea — author of the well-known book, "Everyday Saints" — said that he is ready to attend the opening of the Cathedral Mosque in Simferopol, but he says he will not pray there.
Metropolitan Tikhon made the following statement during a briefing at the RIA Novosti Crimea press center:

“God willing, I will definitely come to the opening (of the Cathedral Mosque). But the only thing is that we are forbidden to pray in heterodox churches, it is forbidden according to the rules, according to the canons, not because we neglect it... I will visit and walk around with pleasure and I’ll take a look, but during all the sacred actions we, priests, should not be present here. But I am sure that we will find a common language with our representatives of the Muslim clergy, visit each other, and have a common meal. Here we will immediately understand each other, and I think that we will carry out some humanitarian, social, and cultural projects together with great pleasure.”

© RIA Novosti / Max Vetrov

According to him, the Cathedral Mosque in Crimea, which he called grandiose, is being built by a friend of his. “He is an Orthodox man, he came to me for advice on this matter. Since he has been entrusted with it, he allocates time and funds for this. This is how it should be,” added Metropolitan Tikhon.

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