YouTube Blocks Christian Channel for Criticizing Homosexuality

Originally appeared at: Spzh News

The YouTube administration removed LGBT content from a Christian channel and blocked the possibility of publication.

The YouTube video service has blocked the channel of the Polish Christian Culture Association Polonia Christiana for content analyzing the activities of LGBT organizations, the website reports.

YouTube censors even unpublished LGBT content. Photo:

The video hosting administration censored unpublished materials related to the film "Their True Purposes". The film explores the socio-political motives of the activities of LGBT organizations. The channel was accused of inciting hatred.

Recently, the YouTube channel PCh24TV gained 100,000 subscribers. This is probably why the resource administrators decided to take a closer look at its activities, suggest the authors of Polonia Chrisiana.

The channel first received a warning about the removal of content "for violating community guidelines." This warning noted that there will be no penalty restrictions for the channel. However, after a few seconds, a second message appeared stating that the account was blocked for seven days.

Previously, YouTube removed the movie "Their True Purposes" and the entire movie channel.

“We clearly see how arbitrary decisions are made before our very eyes about what can and cannot be seen on the web,” the channel's authors noted. “We may have entered a new era of censorship where penalties are applied to work content that has not yet been published. The situation is clearly reminiscent of the literary theme of mental crime from the book by J. Orwell "1984" ".

As the UOJ found out, the YouTube administration later unblocked the channel.

Earlier, the UOJ reported that the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine will toughen the punishment for violating the rights of LGBT and transsexuals.

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