Young Girls Dedicate Touching Music Video to Christian Fathers – It Will Make You Melt

Why does it feel so shocking, so unusual, to see such an open, honest display of respect and love for fathers' daily sacrifice from their children? 

Isn't something is fundamentally off if something so natural has become so rare? 

These girls appreciation, old as the world, but just as inspiring and touching as always, for the fathers in their lives. This video, released around Fathers Day, started circulating on Russian YouTube, and was created by a Christian singing group called "Melody."

It has been translated for you by Russian Faith staff as a reminder that, contrary to the dominant belief in liberal circles, family ideals can actually continue to shape and inspire culture and art. And that the healthy emotions that make our world are not, after all, extinct.

Let's wake up to one simple reality: our culture is reeling out of control because we and our youth have lost respect and love for authority, family, and community.

We are valuing the wrong things and forgetting to value what is truly important, value it more than the money in our banks.

Things like parenthood. Like motherhood. 

Like fatherhood. 

In Russia, which has struggled with state-imposed anti-family propaganda for almost a century, is, as we've written before, slowly trying to dresurrect the ancient family ideals on multiple levels: political, social and cultural. One of the more recent concerns addressed is the question of fatherhood, the importance of active fathers in the family, and the appreciation of their importance for a healthy society. More on the topic here.

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