Wonderful 8 Minute Video of US Catholic Pilgrimage to Russia to Mourn Murder of Tsar, Family, German Princess St. Elizabeth - Very Moving

This video comes from the excellent Robert Moynihan, a journalist who has been covering the Vatican for 30 years. He is editor of Inside the Vatican, an independent conservative Catholic magazine which reports on developments in the Vatican from a conservative worldview.

Incidentally, he has an excellent and shocking lengthy interview with Cardinal Vigano which he conducted in late August of this year on his YouTube channel, about how Pope Francis is working with globalist revolutionaries like Klaus Schwab, to destroy Christianity and usher in a global reset. In other words, that Francis is not a Christian, rather an intentional traitor to Christianity, consciously and deliberately seeking to destroy it. 

This is not the same interview, which covered much of the same ground, and attracted huge interest, which was widely reported on in the alternative media at the end of August, most prominently on Lifesite News, which was in Italian, and translated in print only in difficult to read English. This interview is in English, and is broken up into 18 short videos, each one an answer to a specific question.

Mike Lindell's new TV platform, Lindell TV, has a good overview of these videos by a prominent Evangelical author and journalist, Brannon Howse, with additional information from Howse's own knowledge of the issues which Vigano raises, which he profiled over the course of several TV newscasts and radio episodes. You can find them by scrolling down this page. Howse has a good print summary of Vigano's main points on his website: Archbishop Vigano Warns of Jesuit, Marxist, Freemasonry Plan for New World Order [aka Great Reset]. We know, it sounds like crazy conspiracy stuff, but it's not, sadly. Well worth taking a look.

So now that we are done with that tangent, fascinating as it is, here is the video about the visit to Russia. It is from 2018, the 100 year anniversary of the murder of the Tsar and his family. The group traveled to Ekaterinburg in July of 2018 to participate in the commemoration of Russia's collective national tragedy.

Very well done and moving. Recommended.

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