Washington Uses LGBT as a Weapon of Regime Change in Moldova (Video)

Its what the Founding Fathers intended, BIGOT- a man's right to sodomy shall not be infringed!

The Global-homo elite seems interested in one thing above all else- spreading Cultural Marxism as far as they can.

But few people have commented or noticed how...overt the effort has become under the Obama administration.

That Washington has become a vocal champion of homosexualism abroad is an interesting development that has political consequences.

Now it seems that Washington is engaging in subversion by spreading LGBTQA+ values around the world to deliberately undermine traditional culture...and effect regime change.

Hillary Clinton makes a cameo in the video, which should come as little surprise to anyone familiar with the general unsavoriness of the Clintonista family.

The number of countries left in the world that still try to make a stand against the creeping spread of Sodom world-wide is small and dwindles as each year passes.

The awful fact of the matter is that the United States is the mailed fist that enforces this degenerate world order and superimposes its values on other nations not strong enough to resist the corrosive influence of Hollywood and other cultural soft power that the US wields.

The countries that still manage to resist are undoubtedly where the hammer will fall hardest next.

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