VIRTUAL CHOIRS: The Splendid Spiritual Music of the Russian Australian Male Choir

Many Christian choirs, not ready to give up their music, have found a creative way around the ban against large gatherings of people by releasing multiple beautiful "virtual choir" productions.

Most of our readers probably know that choral music is central to Russian Orthodox worship (Here's why). Since the beginning of the global shutdown, however, most religious choirs have been paralized: forced to cancel their concerts, trips and rehearsals. However, some--like this one--have not been deterred, finding a creative way to continue singing together by producing virtual choir music. 

This choir, the Russian Orthodox Male Choir of Australia, directed by Nektary Kotlyarov, has achieved much in its short lifespan: given multiple concerts in Australia, sent choir members to participate in recordings by illustrious musicians in Russia, and traveled to the States to join forces with other talented Orthodox singers. If you enjoy their music, which we are sure you will, make sure you subscribe to their YouTube page!

1) "Kyrie Eleison" which means "Lord, have Mercy" in Greek. The music was composed by Patriarch Ilya of Georgia. 

2) "Ton Despotin" is a chant sung to greet the bishop in Orthodox churches. 
Here are the words in English: 

Preserve, O Lord, our Master and Hierarch. Many years to you, Master!

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