You, Europeans, Have No Understanding of ‘Eternal Love’--Popular Russian Priest Defends 'Barbaric' East (Video)

Father Andrey Tkachev makes a very contentious argument: ancient ‘barbaric’ customs are morally higher than our own accepted norms of behavior

The way Fr. Andrey Tkachev cuts through our modern assumptions about ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ is always startling.

This video, once again, reveals this popular priest’s vehement belief that the extreme faithfulness and strict purity of traditional societies is something to strive for. 

He makes a very contentious argument, namely: ancient ‘barbaric’ customs, such as the infamous Indian custom of Sati (Widow Burning) are morally higher and purer, than our own modern, loose norms of behavior are at their core core.

Sometimes, what he says makes people cringe. But either way, it always makes them think. We're not sure that we agree. What's your opinion? 

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