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Want to Be More Masculine? This Russian Priest (Tkachev) Says 'Grow a Beard' (Video)

A bit controversial perhaps, but Fr. Andrey has definitely earned a right to his opinion

Here we go again with Fr. Andrey Tkachev's 3-minute talk on Tsargrad TV. 


This one is especially amusing. 

Tkachev thinks beards should make a comeback. 


Because they are a natural, visible difference between man and woman; because traditionally and historically, a beard was a man's "pride."

He believes that the laws and trends that prohibited beards were part of a liberalization process, a process of erasing gender differences. 

Interestingly, its much more common for Russian Orthodox priests and men to wear beards, than, for example, Catholic ones, again indicating the Russian love for tradition.

"It won't save you, of course," Tkachev says,  but "I would like our men to get more 'bearded'...on the journey to becoming more manly" 

A bit controversial maybe, but Fr. Andrey has definitely earned a right to his opinion.