WATCH: Animated History of the Middle Ages - Six Episodes of The Russian Primary Chronicle

Medieval Russian history comes alive in this animated television series, complete with professional narration, colorful illustrations, and a soundtrack reminiscent of ancient royalty and castles

The Russian Primary Chronicle was written in the middle ages, telling the early history of the eastern Slavs. This TV series tells the story in 24 episodes, each about 7 minutes long. The complete series is about 3 hours long. The first six episodes are available below.

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The first six episodes are here for your family to enjoy, complete with new English subtitles:

1 - Noah, Babel, & Andrew the Apostle

2 - Founding the City of Kiev

3 - War Between Russians & Greeks

4 - Peace for Russians & Greeks

5 - The Mysterious Death of the Prince

6 - Preaching Christ to the Slavs

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