VIDEO: Russian Priest Tells Young Girls the Hard Truth About Modesty

The question "will I go to hell if I wear mini skirts" causes laughter until Fr. Dmitry shows the grim undertone of the seemingly flippant subject

Editor's note: Father Dmitry Smirnov is, hands down, one of the most popular priests of Russia. He has a huge following and is very active on television, radio, and his YouTube channel. 

He is incredibly witty and often so blunt that he leaves his audience gaping. But not only is he entertaining; he also speaks of the things that too many people today are silent about.  

He is especially outspoken in his criticism of LGBT and abortion and is a passionate supporter of homeschooling. He heads the Russian Church's Committee for Family, Motherhood, and Children.

The question "will I go to hell if I wear mini skirts?" sounds like a joke until Fr. Dmitry Smirnov shows the dark undertone of the seemingly flippant subject. 


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