Physical Health and Strength Help Spiritual Life (Video - Fr. Tkachev)

If you are physically weak, you won't be able to handle the excitement of encountering grace

We're back with Father Andrey Tkachev's 4-minute program on Russian television. 

Fr. Andrey's talks are truly unusual and impressive because of how much they encompass; he educates the audience on literature, films, songs, and history, not just Biblical facts. And sports.

But why? 

Because modern Christians should try to be strong both spiritually and physically.

Fr. Andrey is trying to provide a context for living an Orthodox life, a culture, a practical network of knowledge and activities that benefit Orthodox Christians and help them move closer to God. He tries to get his listeners to understand the importance of building up an Orthodox culture and lifestyle, practical and applicable, rather than restrict religion to spiritual concepts, mused about in church, that affect and relate very little to the reality of modern secular life. 

He knows that if Orthodoxy is restricted to a small, particular realm, people are unlikely to change their lives.

For the modern man, who has lost all connection with the spiritual world, is not prepared to immediately try to immediately adapt his life to the asceticism of Orthodox monks. The first step, Fr. Andrey believes, is to read good books, watch good films, and do healthy activities, thus steering clear of crude and widespread sin and developing a taste and sensibility for the Divine in the world. 

He wants people to get to the marrow of things, to learn discernment in the world, to learn to see God's truth in daily that they can practice their faith consciously and actively, in a grounded way. 

So here he talks about physical activity. Enjoy!

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