Must Watch: Russian Professor Reveals Flaws in LGBT Ideology (2 Min Video)

The Russian Church strictly opposes homosexuality and it's growing acceptance into Western society

Watch Russia’s most popular theologian eviscerate the LGBT’s distortion of ‘freedom’ and ‘love’ with an extraordinarily succinct rant

Alexei Osipov, a household name in Russia, is famed for his ability to articulate complicated matters of theology in simple layman’s terms - and he may as well be a stand-up comedian while he does it.

Watch this priceless clip, and let’s hash it out in the comments below.

The Bible demonstrates the relationship between God and man using the marriage model much, much more frequently than the father and son model - which would be second ('Our Father, who art in the heavens...'). Christianity thus teaches that either way, the family is central to understanding the very meaning of life; and integral for a healthy society.

Therefore, of all the ways an enemy who would seek to destroy humanity, the family unit would be the ultimate headshot. It is the most vital organ, like the brain stem, or the heart. It is the one thing that, if it dies - we all die.  

Things of God are good, true and beautiful. Things of evil are bad, false, and ugly. Test anything by these three words and you will judge rightly. Take a gay pride parade for example. It serves as the quintessential example of something that might seem good before you actually watch the parade. These parades need no commentary, they speak for themselves. They always turn out to be, as Professor Osipov puts it, “Licentiousness” - and utterly repugnant.


1. promiscuous and unprincipled in sexual matters.
Synonyms: dissolute, dissipated, debauched, degenerate, immoral, naughty, wanton, decadent, depraved, sinful, corrupt
Antonyms: moral

2. (archaic) disregarding accepted rules or conventions, especially in grammar or literary style.

Here’s A hard-hitting, major recent Russian film which provides a devastating look into the extreme licentiousness of the LGBT movement worldwide.  Highly recommended.

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