If Your Church Supports Homosexuality, It's Time to Change Churches (Popular Russian Bishop)

A person may struggle with sinful attractions, but their sin is not their identity. No one has to self-identify as homosexual or practice such behavior. Some Protestant churches, where pastors self-identify as 'gay' and use 'gender-neutral' language, are losing all semblance of traditional Christianity.

As is well known, the position of the Russian church on homosexuality is unwaveringly traditional (read here for a detailed account of the Russian Church's answers to typical pro-gay arguments). 

In this video, Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeev, an incredibly influential and intelligent Russian bishop, speaks of the widening gap between traditional morality, as preached by the Russian church, and the modern Protestant churches that are experiencing extreme liberalization. 

Some Protestant churches, where it is now common to have pastors that identify as gay or rewrite prayers to insert 'gender-neutral pronouns' are gradually losing all semblance of traditional Christianity. Meanwhile, Russian church remains unwavering in its adherence to traditional moral norms, despite the international social clamour of liberals for reform.

Bishop Hilarion advises the faithful from churches which start pushing propaganda that is essentially nonChristian to on no account agree to this destructive tendency, for it may cost them everything. 

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