Hugely Popular Russian Bishop: Remember - 'DO NOT BE AFRAID' (Video)

What are we so afraid of? 

Bishop Tikhon Shevkunov is one of the most famous Russian bishops. 

He became a massive celebrity in Russia due to the runaway success of his book Everyday Saints, which is available in English in an excellent translation by the American writer Julian Lowenfeld, famous for his translations of Russian poetry.  (Amazon)

Everyday Saints is by far the best-selling book in Russia in decades, selling in the 10s of millions of copies.

He is also now known all over the world for initiating the construction of a gigantic, gorgeous church in the center of Moscow, which opened earlier this year. 

Sretensky monastery is now publishing an edition of the Bible with Jesus' words underlined in red.

Bishop Tikhon wants people to remember that the phrase Jesus repeated most often to people was: Do not be afraid. 

What are we so afraid of?

God is with us!

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