Eleven Great Videos of Rostov - Epicenter of Western Families Moving to Russia

Touring an ancient city with some of the best footage available online. . .

Originally appeared at: Moving to Russia

The ancient beauty of Rostov is attracting people from all over the world, inspiring them to leave America and the West, settling in Rostov and the Golden Ring. Whether you want become a tourist and be our guest, or whether you want to move to Russia and become our neighbor, you are sure to enjoy these beautiful videos.

A beautiful introduction to Rostov the Great:

Lovely aerial footage of Rostov:

Documentary about my family, filmed while we were living in Rostov:

A rare whirlwind hit the Rostov Kremlin back in 1953:

Take a tour of the elegant Rostov Kremlin:

Join a videoblogger on her tour around Rostov:

Rostov documentary made in 1993, nearly 30 years ago — includes hundred-year-old video footage of Tsar Nicholas II visiting Rostov:

Peek back in time at Rostov 40 years ago — this film was recorded in 1982:

2022 — The town of Rostov celebrating its 1160th anniversary:

Spend the day on a boat in Rostov, touring lake Nero:

A beautiful, exquisite, cultural tour of Rostov:

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