Dead Serious Russian Priest (Smirnov): You Are in Hell RIGHT NOW

Here's why both Putin and Obama irritate you

This article from our archives was first published on RI in February 2018

Fr. Dmitry Smirnov is well-known and beloved Moscow priest,  very outspoken about issues such as abortion

His sermons are short, shocking, and always very expressive.

This priest argues that the theory that hell doesn't exist is impossible in a world where people are so nauseatingly miserable on such a large scale. Do you want to know why you're so miserable? Why everything irritates you? 

Because hell does exist. And you're actually probably in it right now. (Full transcript below video)



Some say the hell doesn’t exist. Wish to ensure it does? Look into the mirror – what a gloomy mug you see there! Isn`t it possible for the highest spiritual creation of God, the crown of creation to have such a gloomy mug?

So why are you so desperate, so depressed – if you are independent, intelligent, smart, if you don’t care about others` opinion, you perfectly know everything, - so why then are you having such a desperate face?

Because you are in hell, my Son, you are in hell! You don’t know what real happiness is, you are spiritually dead, there is a heavy burden on you, you feel extremely unhappy, everything makes you irritated – people, flies, heat, rain, politicians, you are non-stop being tortured by your father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, neighbors, Putin with Medvedev, Barack Obama; everything makes you feel disgusting, you are unhappy with everything, every single thing in this world!

Nothing makes you happy, even nightingales are making buzz when you go to sleep. You just wish to escape from all these burdens, fall asleep, booze, doze off, take drugs, and finally disappear… why? Because your life is hell, you even don’t need to choose anything; your life is already hell, my son, my dear! And there is only one way out – to be with God.

no need for you to go anywhere to Heaven to Hell. You, my dear, have long since been in hell. From where there is only one escape: a way to God.

Translation by: Alexandra Voropaeva 

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