Orthodox Christian Priest Gives 12,381 Reasons to Not Be Vaccinated [VIDEO]

The material here is both compelling and heartbreaking. So many people have been killed or maimed by the hysterical vaccination push. You will meet many of them here.

Originally appeared at: The Duran

Father Peter Heers has been one of the most successful Orthodox Christian clerics to speak out strongly and forcefully against the use of COVID-19 vaccines. He is able to successfully communicate the multitude of warnings and prophecies that have been in existence for many years that appear to point directly at the COVID crisis.

In these two videos, Father outlines the reasons why he personally refuses to participate in the vaccination drive – a program that is quite literally being forced in several nations, and with insinuated mandates being used in countries like the USA, Russia, Canada and many European nations.

It is interesting to consider that countries like Afghanistan are not concerned with vaccination, though other lands like Iran (a technologically highly advanced nation to those who do not know) are very concerned about vaccination. It is further telling that many of the places in the “Third World” are not experienced massive COVID deaths, while the United States of America, arguably the first of the First World nations, has experienced the most fatalities.

These videos sum up to be about fifty-two minutes in total. It is a lot to watch, and many of us will instinctively just “look and jump away” because they are long. However, I have seen and listened to all of the material here, and it is extremely compelling. It is very much worth taking the time to watch these.

One theme that comes through in these videos is that of a divided Orthodox Christian church. For all those who do know about and heed the warnings of very saintly people, there are a greater number of Orthodox Christians who are quite active and yet who do not know that there is a problem. In Russia, this is a particular problem because many believers take the faith quite seriously, and they take the warnings seriously as well, but the Church organizations, such as Trinity-St Sergius Lavra’s Moscow Theological Academy does not, and in fact mandates all its students be vaccinated.

This is made the more obvious issue when the point of Orthodox bioethics is raised: There are three vaccines currently in deployment in Russia: Sputnik V, EpiVac Corona and KoviVac. The last one, KoviVac, is the only vaccine that is know to fully comply with the guidelines set forth in “The Basis of the Social Concept of the Russian Orthodox Church“, a document, which, while it does not specify anything like Church Canon Law, nevertheless establishes very clear and unambiguous positions on bioethical matters, such as these:

The Church believes it to be definitely inadmissible to use the methods of so-called foetal therapy, in which the human foetus on various stages of its development is aborted and used in attempts to treat various diseases and to «rejuvenate» an organism. Denouncing abortion as a cardinal sin, the Church cannot find any justification for it either even if someone may possibly benefit from the destruction of a conceived human life. Contributing inevitably to ever wider spread and commercialisation of abortion, this practice (even if its still hypothetical effectiveness could be proved scientifically) presents an example of glaring immorality and is criminal…

…While drawing people’s attention to the moral causes of infirmities, the Church welcomes the efforts of medics aimed to heal hereditary diseases. The aim of genetic interference, however, should not be to «improve» artificially the human race or to interfere in God’s design for humanity. Therefore, genetic engineering may be realised only with the consent of a patient or his legitimate representatives and only on the grounds of medical indications. The genetic therapy of germ cells is extremely dangerous, for it involves a change of the genome (the set of hereditary characteristics) in the line of generations, which can lead to unpredictable consequences in the form of new mutations and destabilise the balance between the human community and the environment.

The first paragraph addresses the use of aborted fetal cells in any part of the process of vaccine development, such as is the case with Sputnik V. Sputnik is the de facto COVID vaccine in Russia, with two other alternatives, EpiVacCorona possibly allowed under the above conditions, and KoviVac almost certainly passing muster when compared with the Basis document.

The question raised in the vaccination drive here in places like Orthodox Christian seminaries and academies is “which vaccine are they using? Is the Church providing any guidance at all to the faithful about which vaccines constitute a sin to take and which do not?”

The answer is crickets. This should not be so.

The issue here is that a division is developing between the Church as an organization and the Church as that body of faithful believers in Christ. The dishonesty of the Church leadership is putting many God-fearing people in peril. Further complicating this is the point that even if there exist vaccines that pass the bioethics screening, the question remains as to what these vaccines do. The first video shows some of what it has done, which is disastrous. Death, disfigurement, mental collapse, often within hours or days of the vaccine adminstration. Autoimmune diseases, sometimes many at the same time. Paralysis. Hepatitis. Loss of physical and mental control.

And behind these events now known as “unfortunate and tragic side effects” is the question put forth by many holy people, who projected that there would come a “vaccine” that was actually designed to depopulate the planet – in short, it is designed to kill people over a period of time.

Now, I realize this gets into “creepy, conspiracy thinking.” It is for this reason that I wish to approach this topic with some caution. It would be totally irresponsible to say declaratively that the COVID vaccines are specifically designed to kill most of us. I cannot say this because not enough time has passed to see such a result in evidence. It is that simple.

However, the people who prophesied this very situation were not crazy tinfoil hatters. They were men and women of very deep prayer, often wonderworkers, healers, saints who have appeared after their death to faithful Orthodox men and women, in a manner that has always been consistent with the experience of the Church.

This is where the warnings are coming from, and for the serious Orthodox Christian, this ought to bring a moment of pause. After seeing these videos, and some other secular reports of news taking place around the world, it becomes quite evident that these warnings are worth heeding, and so my family and I have chosen to follow the Lord’s direction as given through these predictions, and we stand with Father Peter and many others who have also made the same choice.

To us, the “Church organization” which unfortunately is responsible for the education and training of much of her clergy, will likely yield COVID-19 “Sergianists”, priests that follow health directives and government orders BEFORE they follow the Lord Jesus Christ. Why? Because they are trained in Seminary to do so, subtly, and in a manner that will convince them (mostly) that they are following the Lord’s will in a “modern way” that is “suitable for the times.”

This did not work in the Soviet period, and it will not work now.

It would, therefore, seem that we are come to a decision gate.

We offer these videos as a resource to try to begin to become informed. I have yet to see a coherent argument FOR vaccinations from any people known for their holiness. I HAVE seen very prominent theologians (thinkers) in the Church who have gotten vaccinated, and who have criticized believers who are exhibiting hesitancy.

For me, this looks like the mind being out of sync with the heart (or gut). If any readers DO have such information, of holy Orthodox men and women, saints, who DO say that getting the jab is a good idea, please, let us know. It would be only fair to report both sides, after all.

Now, here are the videos. Hopefully, they are of benefit.

And to follow up (actually a preceding video):

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