MUST WATCH: Covid a Global Plot to Enslave Humanity - Naomi Wolf, Peter Navarro, Steve Bannon

Why is a site about Russian Christianity running Covid news? We believe Covid is a major spiritual issue, a demonic attack on Christianity, enslaving mankind. Our staff are extremely well-informed about it, and can identify truly important articles, often with a Christian angle. We'll feature Dr. Mercola, a vital voice for truth, because he is censored by our anti-Christian technocracy. Scroll through our Covid category for excellent articles you need to be aware of.  - The Editor

Watchers of the key truth-tellers among the Covid critics - Mercola, JFK Jr., Cardinal Vigano, and others may be noticing that they are coming out and saying some extraordinary truths, things they wouldn't say just a few months ago, probably for fear of being written off as crazy. But as more and more people wake up, and events accelerate, and the mask comes off the perpetrators, they are now speaking out.

In particular, we reported a few days ago how JFK Jr. made a jaw-dropping allegation in a recent speech in Times Square. From our write-up:

"The real kicker, however comes in the last third of the speech. In it he suggests who he thinks is behind the whole Covid phenomenon, and he argues that it is basically a global cabal of US and UK intelligence agencies. The reason he thinks this is because he is familiar with these agencies' decades old methodologies for subduing and taking over 3rd world countries, and argues that what was done in the US and around the world seems to be right out of that playbook. He also brings up his own family's battles with these agencies, leading ultimately to the assassination of his uncle JFK and his father RFK by these globalist psychopaths.

Extraordinary information, and very compelling. RFK Jr. speaks extemporaneously for the whole speech, and is devastatingly convincing."

If you haven't watched that speech yet, you really should. It is extraordinary.

On Saturday, Steve Bannon had two leading and highly credible Covid skeptics on the show, from the Left and the Right, Naomi Wolf and Peter Navarro. They basically said something very similar. They argued that the fact that these Covid tactics to destroy civil liberties are being rolled out in country after country in such similar ways, with such similar earmarks, make it obvious that it is a coordinated attack - they speculate that it is a global cabal of elites.

The discussion goes on for about 90 minutes, and it is excellent, covering the key failures of the covid narrative. The first two videos are the full discussion, the videos below them are interesting excerpts in case you don't have time for the whole thing. Their reporting on the massive demonstrations in Europe is fascinating - and completely covered up by the mainstream media. 

The discussion is marred only by the fact that they all agree that China is part of the plot. Bannon and his guests are obliged to say so because Bannon's show is funded by a Chinese oligarch, who in turn is funded by the CIA, who is seeking to overturn the Chinese government, which is not very likely, we would suggest. We strongly disagree with that analysis and think it is foolish and dangerous. The culprits are right there at home in front of your noses. They are the very ones trying to blame China for their own crimes. But the guests don't dwell on it, and it doesn't take away from the excellent quality of the information they share. Highly recommended.

Btw, these videos are easier to watch on the Rumble site, than embedded here, because the ability to skip ahead doesn't seem to work when Rumble videos are embedded in web pages.


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