End Times Prophecies of an 18th c. Orthodox Saint - Most Were Already Fulfilled

These are not dreamed-up predictions in the spirit of the false prophecies of the much-hailed Nostrodamus, which had as their goal to lead man away from Christ, but true testimonies of the Holy Spirit, called to help us not fall into diabolical snares and to preserve the purity of the Orthodox faith. . .

Originally appeared at: Orthodox Revival

Remembered as both martyr and missionary, Saint Cosmas Aitolias (Aitolos), 1714-1779, left prophecies about a future “general war” which, according to certain commentaries, is expected to devastate much of the globe and involve Russian intervention against Turkey to save Greece, an Orthodox country like Russia. Of Constantinople (today's Istanbul), Saint Cosmas said: “In the city, so much blood will flow that a three-year-old calf will float on it.” As a result of this war, Saint Cosmas added, “three countries will become one,” although the countries are not specified. "Equal to the Apostles," he was officially proclaimed a Saint by the Orthodox Church of Constantinople on 20 April 1961. His feast day is celebrated on 24 August, the date of his martyrdom.


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