The Saint of San Francisco: First US-Born Orthodox Priest & Monk (PART I, VIDEO)

Originally appeared at: Orthodox Wisdom

The first Orthodox priest born in America, St. Sebastian of San Francisco and Jackson is an Apostle to America for having served across its vast land in countless parishes amongst Orthodox and non-Orthodox people of all ethnic backgrounds. Born in San Francisco in 1863, he helped establish the first Serbian Orthodox parish in the Western Hemisphere in Jackson, CA in 1894. He served tirelessly in America and Serbia where he reposed in 1940 at the Zhicha Monastery. In 2007 his holy relics were transferred back to Jackson, CA and in 2015 he was formally canonized a Saint by the Orthodox Church, confirming what the faithful had known for some time - that St. Sebastian's last wish had been granted him: “the Kingdom of Heaven without end."



1. Read the Life of St. Sebastian here (link to PDF at top of page):

2. Read his Catechism "The Holy Orthodox Church" here:

3. On the canonization of St. Sebastian and St. Mardarije, including Troparion and Kontakion: 4. Akathist:

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