Top Russian Priest Explains the Extreme Danger and Humiliation of Extra-Marital Relationships (VIDEO)

"First of all, the question is what does a ‘boyfriend’ mean? My experience tells me their relationships are not relationships of spouses but lovers"

Father Dmitry Smirnov is, hands down, one of the most popular priests of Russia. He has a huge following and is very active on television, radio, and his YouTube channel. 

He is incredibly witty and often so blunt that he leaves his audience gasping. But not only is he entertaining; he also speaks of the things that too many people today are silent about.  

He is especially outspoken in his criticism of LGBT and abortion, and his passionate support for homeschooling. He heads the Russian Church's Committee for Family, Motherhood, and Children. (Transcript provided below)

"My boyfriend, who swore undying love and devotion deceived me. Recently he came to me and asked to forgive him. He swears he loves nobody but me. Can I trust him now?"

- First of all, the question is what does a ‘boyfriend’ mean? My experience tells me their relationships are not relationships of spouses but lovers. If a man enters into such relationships and doesn’t make a marriage proposal it is obvious that this man is not credible. At this moment, when he is disappointed in the girl with whom he has betrayed you, he can be absolutely sincere! And he can truly think so, indeed. But there is only one way to see if he truly repents. That is if he’ll asks you to be his wife.

There is the concept of  "serious intentions". If they are just lovers, such a relationship cannot be called serious. It’s called frivolous. Such relationships unfortunately bring more grief than joy. So if people feel love and sympathy to each other, they’re better off doing it in the right way - by getting married and staying together forever. 

 - Father, people often ask how to find out if one can truly live their whole life with a person? Today, all people so professionally conceal their real character, that by not having lived together, at least for a while - it is impossible to understand who really is this person that you are going to marry.

 - Well, using this method you can "check" half the country. It is like in that famous Russian song: "On, what’s the deal with our Ninka?.." I won’t quote it further... the words clearly reflect the subject. Ever since humankind has started living on our sinful planet, all of it’s tribes have had, from the very beginning, the concept of marriage. And they would live without divorces.

But today, people divorce because of an influence; mostly due to propaganda caused by the media and pop culture. And due to people who are called the "Workers of Culture". But, unfortunately, this culture is against the Family, and it is against children. It just eats its way into the very basics of life, as well as the basics of the state - and it leads to depopulation. This culture is not a life-giving one - but leads to death. And that is why it’s very dangerous. We need to return to what God is calling us to. Of course - different feelings arise from time to time, but  we need to try and overcome them. For the sake of the supreme life.

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