VIDEO: Police Arrest Christians for Singing Hymns, Cite Mask and ‘Social Distancing’ Violations

Large contingent of police descend on outdoor worship service in Moscow, Idaho and arrest multiple hymn singers

Originally appeared at: National File

Video Footage From Moscow, Idaho Shows Three People Being Handcuffed and Perp-Walked Out of an Outdoor Worship Service by Uniformed Police Officers, Presumably for Singing Psalms in Public Without Wearing a Mask or Social Distancing.

In the first video, a group of four police officers can be seen handcuffing a single man, grabbing him by the arm, and leading him to a squad car away from the rest of the congregation as the remaining churchgoers sing hymns in the background.

“Didn’t see this happen with BLM, Gabe,” someone states in the background.

“You guys should not be doing this, and doing this kind of crap for the mayor is embarrassing,” the man being arrested says.

Commentator Michelle Malkin noted on Twitter, “Throwing Molotov cocktails at police in the Pacific Northwest won’t get you arrested. But singing psalms without a mask in Moscow, Idaho, WILL get you hauled off to jail in handcuffs. #anarchotyranny.”

In another video, a young couple are separated and arrested for not following social distancing and mask guidelines at the same service, and are denied from even finishing singing a hymn in handcuffs.

The YouTube video desription reads, “Sean and Rachel Bohnet were among the three arrested at the Psalm Sing service for singing while not wearing a mask or social distancing. This is the longer video showing the moments leading up to their arrest. Read more (developing story) at (UPDATE: Site temporarily down due to overwhelming traffic. We’re working to get it back up!”

As of press time, the site is still down due to a 403 error.

The YouTube video can be viewed below.

Police crackdowns on religious gatherings in many cities have been significantly harsher and more militarized than crackdowns on Black Lives Matter protests.

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