Famous Greek Saint: The Zionists Will Present the Antichrist, Even Christians Will Accept Him as the Messiah (St. Paisios, Video + Transcript)

"Insanity has surpassed any limits. The apostasy has come, and now all that remains is for the son of perdition to come. It will be am insane asylum. . ."

Originally appeared at: Uncreated Light Press

Saint Paisios the Athonite in this video discusses the the times in which we are living, and the coming of the antichrist. Saint Paisios explains that there is no need for Orthodox Christians to be afraid of the antichrist because he is only a man. The Saint goes on to say that as long as we are close to Christ we are safe.



- Elder, tell us something about the antichrist.

- Let's talk first about Christ. We should be close to Christ as much as we can. If we are with Christ, are we going to be afraid of the antichrist? As if the antichrist spirit does not already exist? Evil is done by the antichrist spirit anyway. And if an antichrist monster will be born and will do some crazy things, it will be ridiculed in the end anyway. But many events will take place. Maybe you will also live many of the signs which are written in the Book of Revelation. Slowly, many of these things are taking place. I the miserable one have been shouting for so many years about them. The situation is terrible; it's outrageous. Insanity has surpassed any limits. The apostasy has come, and now all that remains is for the son of perdition to come. It will be am insane asylum.

During this uproar that will dominate, every state will rise up to do whatever it thinks is correct. God will intervene so that the interests of the powerful will actually help us (instead of harming). Every once in a while we will hear of something new, we shall see the most incredible, the most illogical things.But at least the events will come and go very fast. Ecumenism, a common global market, one great state, one religion according to their measures. These are the plans of the devils. The zionists are preparing someone as the messiah. To them the messiah is king. Meaning he will rule here on the earth. Jehovah's witnesses also look forward to an earthly king. The zionists will present one and the Jehovah's witnesses will accept him and they will say, "That's him!".

There will be great confusion, in this confusion all shall look for a messiah to save them. And then they will present someone that will say: "I am the imam. I am the 5th buddah. I am the Christ that the Christians are awaiting. I am the one the Jehovah witnesses are waiting for. I am the Messiah of the Hebrews." He shall have five I's (five I am's). When Saint John the Evangelist says that the antichrist is coming in the first epistle, "And nowadays there are many antichrists...", He does not mean that the awaited antichrist will be like the persecutors Maximian and Diocletian. But that the antichrist will be in a way the embodiment of devil, who will present himself to the Israeli people as the messiah and he will fool the entire world. Difficult years are coming, we shall have great trials, Christians shall experience great persecution. And you see, people do not even realize that we are living the signs of the times. That the "marking" moves on, it is like nothing is happening. That is why the Holy Scripture says that even the elect will fall into fallacy if possible. Meaning that those of ill intentions will not be enlightened. And they will fall into fallacy in the years of apostasy. Because whoever does not have the Divine Grace, does not have spiritual clarity; in the same way the devil does not have it.

- Elder, do the zionists believe the things about the antichrist?

- They want to rule the whole world. To achieve their goal they use magic and satanism. They view satanic worship as a force that will help them in their plans. So they are trying to rule the world with satanic power. They do not take God into consideration. Things will be blessed in a certain way by God, so that from that situation God will extract many good things. And other satanic theories lasted at least for seventy years, but they will not even last for seven years.

- Elder, when I hear about the antichrist I feel a fear within me.

- What are you afraid of? Is he going to be more terrible than the devil? He is only a man. Saint Marina was battering the devil, and Saint Justina tore apart so many demons. The bottom line is that we have not come into this world to make ourselves comfortable.

A narration from the book "Elder Paisios the Hagiorite Words B' spiritual awakening - Sacred Hesychastirion of "Evangelist John the Theologian" Pages 175,176,177

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