Vatican Allows LGBTs to Receive Church Sacraments

Homosexuals and transgender people will be able to receive baptism, as well as serve as godparents and witnesses, the Vatican said. The Pope previously called on Catholic priests to welcome LGBT people into the church.

Originally appeared at: RBC

Representatives of sexual minorities, including homosexuals and transsexuals, like any believers, will be able to be baptized, as well as be godparents and witnesses at a wedding in the church. This is stated in the explanation of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of Faith (formerly the Holy Inquisition), ANSA reports.

“A transsexual who has also undergone hormonal treatment and sex reassignment surgery can be baptized under the same conditions as other believers, unless there is a situation in which there is a risk of public scandal or disorientation of believers. In the case of children or adolescents with transsexual problems, if they are well prepared and willing, they too can be baptized,” the Vatican clarification says.

Photo: Maurizio Brambatti / EPA / TASS

It also indicated that a transsexual, like a homosexual, can be a witness at a wedding or become a godfather. At the same time, for the baptism of a child raised in a homosexual family, there must be a “reasonable hope that he will receive an education in the Catholic religion,” the Dicastery noted.

Pope Francis back in 2020 advocated for same-sex couples to be able to register civil unions. “Same-sex people have the right to be a family. They are children of God and have the right to a family,” the pontiff said. That same year, he stated that the modern Catholic Church does not condemn the enjoyment of sex, and that misinterpretations of this issue in the past have caused great harm.

In January 2023, speaking about homosexuals, the Pope criticized laws that criminalize homosexuality and called on Catholic bishops to welcome LGBT people into the church. “Being homosexual is not a crime. Yes, it's a sin. But first let's begin to distinguish between sin and crime. Not showing mercy to each other is also a sin,” he noted.

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