In the USA They Are Leaving God

The US House of Representatives, with a majority of its members representing the Democratic Party, voted to overturn gender definitions in official documents.

That is, it will no longer be possible to write "he", "she" and other indications of gender.

One will no longer be allowed to write "he" and "she" and other indications of gender. Photo: Knowledge Center

1️. This decision was made after the political defeat of Donald Trump and the Republican Party, which support traditional values. And this decision testifies that the democrats have taken a course not on a conciliatory policy, but on further confrontation, a struggle to the bitter end. But Trump, the Republicans, and, consequently, the conservative (more or less) values ​​they promote are supported by half of America (give or take). That is, the severity of the political confrontation will grow. And since this confrontation already affects religious issues, then religious organizations in the United States will no longer be able to sit on the sidelines. We'll have to choose. By the way, the Patriarchate of Constantinople and its American Archdiocese have already made their choice - they are for the Democrats, and therefore for the abolition of "he" and "she", allowing abortions, the promotion of LGBT people and so on (so far indirectly, at least).

2️. America is rejecting God and the principle that is written on American banknotes: "In God We Trust". But the Bible says about the creation of man: “And God created man... male and female He created them” (Gen. 1:27). That is, not some middle sex, but a man and a woman. It’s different in the USA now.

3️. Books, and at times movies, are sometimes prophetic, showing us what awaits us. And apparently, "It" is what we can expect. Who doesn't know about the highest-grossing horror film, which revolves around a creature that can take on different guises? And this creature is not at all a positive character.