Disapproval of Homosexuality Must Disqualify Christians from the Supreme Court, Biden Campaign Staffer Says

Originally appeared at: RT

A member of Joe Biden’s presidential campaign staff said the standard beliefs of devout Christians, Muslims and Jews, such as considering homosexual acts sinful should be “disqualifiers” for any potential US Supreme Court justice.

“I'd heavily prefer views like that not be elevated to SCOTUS, but unfortunately, our current culture is still relatively intolerant,” Biden staffer Nikitha Rai said Monday night on Twitter. “It will be a while before those types of beliefs are so taboo that they're disqualifiers.”

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Rai, who is deputy data director for the Biden campaign, made her comments in a thread about the religious beliefs of Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett. Politico writer Adam Wren pointed out that Barrett was a trustee at a school that described homosexual acts as “at odds with Scripture” and said marriage was between “one man and one woman.”

New from South Bend for @POLITICOMag: How Amy Coney Barrett’s People of Praise helped shape a city. New details on the group’s South Bend presence here.https://t.co/vshSyX2Q0o

— Adam Wren (@adamwren) September 27, 2020

Many Twitter users mocked Wren's tweet, pointing out that such beliefs are basic teachings of all Abrahamic religions – in the Bible, the Koran and the Torah. Shadi Hamid, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institute, joined in the conversation, saying, “Wait, why is this news? Isn't this the standard position for any orthodox Catholic?”

Adam, I have heard a disturbing rumor that the pope is Catholic. Can you confirm?

— Max Nordau (@MaxNordau) September 28, 2020

to be fair, it's the standard position for any orthodox Muslim or Jew as well...

— Shadi Hamid (@shadihamid) September 28, 2020

Rai replied, “Unfortunately, yes.”

Hamid added, “To be fair, it's the standard position for any orthodox Muslim or Jew as well.” Rai then lamented that such beliefs aren't yet taboo enough to be Supreme Court disqualifiers. Her tweets have since been blocked from public view.

Here’s a @JoeBiden staffer saying that orthodox Christianity, Islam, and Judaism should be made “taboo” and driven from the public sphere. Beneath all the talk of “interfaith” and “pluralism,” this is what they really believe. pic.twitter.com/PrN8S1qaLG

— Jeremy McLellan (@JeremyMcLellan)

September 29, 2020

Disqualifying those who believe in the holy books of the Abrahamic religions would rule out much of the population from high public service. A religious litmus test for the Supreme Court also would be unconstitutional. Supreme Court justices are obliged to make their legal findings based on the Constitution, without regard for their personal beliefs.

But Democrats have raised concerns over the Catholic faith of Barrett and other judges, including Chief Justice John Roberts. When Barrett was appointed by President Donald Trump to the 7th US Circuit Court in 2017, Senator Dianne Feinstein questioned whether she would have unbiased legal opinions, given that “the dogma lives loudly within you.” Senator Dick Durbin asked Barrett whether she considers herself an “orthodox Catholic.”

Twitter users blasted Rai for her own intolerance, with comedian Jeremy McLellan saying, “Beneath all the talk of interfaith and pluralism, this is what they really believe.” One commenter said it's ironic that “Bidenists” think of themselves being under intolerant attack, “when it is their position of wanting to throw (for example Islam) out of the public altogether.” Another said, “They want to get rid of religion. I said this a while ago, and people tweeted that I was crazy.”

from tweets, it is ironic that the Bidenists (in the USA and allies around the world) think of themselves being under intolerant attack, when it is their position of wanting to throw (for example Islam) out of the public altogether, and Bidenists see this as some utopian normal.

— A Muslim Man (@A_MuslimMan) September 29, 2020

Yep. They want to get rid of religion. I said this a while ago and people tweeted that I was crazy.

— Bernie Urban (@lovesjatalie) September 29, 2020

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