Ukrainian Charity Seeks Church Singers to Preach LGBT+

Musicians are offered a salary of up to 1,500 euros but are warned that they need to "work and rehearse hard".

Originally appeared at: UOJ

In Ukraine, the “Vilni” Charitable Fund has placed an advertisement on the website with a job offer for vocalists to preach LGBT ideology among parishioners. Both male and female voices are being recruited.

Applicants must be "believers" and be prepared to "work and rehearse hard". The vocalists’ duty is "to preach the importance and tolerance of LGBT ideology to the congregation."

The fund offers believing vocalists to preach LGBT+ ideology. Photo: Pinterest

For such "preaching", a salary of up to UAH 60,000 is promised.

The denomination is not specified in the advert.

The "Vilni" Fund declares that they are engaged in humanitarian aid for the AFU, volunteer battalions, territorial defence and victims.

Among the partners of the fund are the National scouting organization "Plast", the International Charitable Foundation "Unity Of Ukraine", the fund "Krytsari Svitla" and others.

As reported, a bar "HRAM" with blasphemous pictures and popularization of LGBT+ was opened in Kyiv.

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