UK Politician Arrested for ‘Hate Crime’ for Defending Christian Beliefs

‘Free speech really is dead in the UK,’ Conservative Councillor Anthony Stevens lamented.

Originally appeared at: Life Site News

(LifeSiteNews) — The defense of Christian beliefs has led to the arrest of a U.K. local councilor following a police investigation into “hate crime.”

Anthony Stevens, a 50-year-old Conservative Party councilor, was reported to police on August 8 over a video he shared on social media platform X.

Conservative local Councilman Anthony Stevens

The video, from 2019, showed the treatment by police of a Christian street preacher, and suggested that police would treat an Islamic preacher with more respect.

Stevens had described the video as “disturbing evidence of religious discrimination in law enforcement.”

As the Daily Mail reported, the video shows U.K. police confiscating the bible of Oluwole Ilisanmi in Southgate, London. Ilisanmi was accused of “islamophobia,” with the same video suggesting police would permit a Muslim preacher.

Stevens was arrested at his home and taken to a police station for questioning. He has been released on bail, with the police investigation reported to be continuing. Yet his treatment is linked to that of a second councilor, described by Stevens as a “friend whose life has been ruined by the ‘be kind’ liberals because he posted something they disagreed with.”

During his arrest, Stevens was questioned as to why he had tweeted his support for fellow Northamptonshire councillor King Lawal, who was “canceled” in June for his responses to photographs of a so-called “pride” march.

As the Daily Telegraph reported: “Saying ‘Pride is not a virtue but a sin,’ Mr. Lawal followed this riposte with a quote from the prophet Isaiah, ‘Whatever God calls ‘Sin’ is nothing to be Proud of.’”

Lawal, 31, was then suspended by his local Conservative Party group. He lost his job, his positions as a charity trustee, and a member of a school board, with the local library barring him from holding his surgeries. He was interviewed by the Catholic MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, relating demands for his immediate resignation from the Conservatives.

His offense to this so-called “conservative” party was to defend Christian teaching.

When did pride become a thing to celebrate? Because of pride, Satan fell as an archangel. Pride is not a virtue but a sin. Those who have pride should repent of their sins and return to Jesus Christ. He can save you.

Speaking on Stevens’ arrest, Lawal said how Stevens was alone in offering him support, as he sought to defend his right to speak the truth of Christianity.

The only councillor in my county who openly supported my right to freedom of speech, was arrested Tuesday at 8 a.m. He was held in a cell for nine hours and questioned about his tweets, one including the support of my petition for reinstatement.

Lawal noted that Stevens shared his concerns over the corruption of children during so-called “pride” displays: “His concerns regarding sexualization of children during these events are justified, and resembles mine.”

Lawal echoed Stevens’ position that the profession of Christianity is not only suppressed – but can attract devastating consequences. As the Telegraph reported, “It is now almost impossible to say something biblically truthful on sexual ethics in U.K. society without being canceled and having your life ruined.”

Following his ordeal, Stevens returned to social media on August 28 with a damning verdict of his own.

‘Free speech really is dead in the U.K. – and forget about police force, the STASI are in full force.

He was keen to distance himself from the dubious ranks of professional politics. In a tweet of September 3, he said:

I am being called a politician – I am a local elected member of my town council but I did it to try and help improve my local area for all, not for a political career.

Anyone who has seen my posts will obviously find the word politician addressed to me hilarious.

The subject of these posts include warnings about the policing of speech, and the dire consequences for public disagreement with the ideology of the liberal consensus:

A close friend has had his life ruined by the be kind Liberals because he posted something they disagreed with. We are now living in a LIBERAL FASCIST STATE BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO SAY ANYTHING THEY DISAGREE WITH YOUR ABILITY TO EARN REALLY IS AT STAKE. THIS COUNTRY IS A DISGRACE

— Ant the Rant (@_antstevens) July 4, 2023

Aside from his defense of Christianity, of children, and of basic liberties, Stevens is an outspoken critic of the extremist interest groups which wield much social influence today. His postings decry environmental and “transgender” activists, and advises his followers to boycott anything Bill Gates buys.

Stevens recently compared unelected Conservative Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to a cartoon rat, which demonstrates his opinion of a political system that has failed to protect his rights, his beliefs, and his freedoms.

Stevens’ case has not yet been heard in court. Lawal’s own predicament has been met with “overwhelming” messages of support, as he seeks legal redress for the consequences he has suffered for the profession of Christianity.

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