Tucker Carlson Accuses Ukrainian Authorities of Persecuting Christians

Tucker said that Ukrainian authorities are arresting priests and shutting down churches.

Originally appeared at: UOJ

On September 26, 2023, the famous American journalist Tucker Carlson, speaking at an event of the Center for Christian Virtue in Cleveland, Ohio, said that the Ukrainian authorities are persecuting Christian believers.

Carlson published a video excerpt from his speech on the social network X (formerly Twitter). Addressing the audience, the journalist asked, “Where is it easier to be a Christian, in Ukraine or Russia?”

Tucker Carlson. Photo: rbc.ru

He says that one can assess the situation in the country by how Christians fare there. “Why doesn’t somebody, why doesn’t some Christian minister stand up and say: is it easier to be a Christian in Ukraine or Russia?” Tucker asked again.

“One of those countries just arrested a bunch of priests and shut down churches with political police and the army. It wasn't Russia,” the journalist noted.

Referring to the Ukrainian authorities, Tucker stated that “They are arresting priests. I don’t really need to know more, actually.”

“Well, they say, 'They had bad opinions.' Well, OK. I have bad opinions. I don't want to be arrested. Bad opinions are not grounds for arrest, sorry,” the journalist said.

Finally, he stressed that “the gut level reaction of Christians to the arrests of Christian clergy should be horror.”

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