Trump, Tell Clinton: 'Stop Crucifying Christians in Syria!'

Clinton will let Muslim terrorists exterminate all Christians in return for eliminating Assad

The author is a licensed clinical psychologist and long-time human rights activist who lives and practices in New York City

That's the Devil's bargain. Here are the facts to back it up:

Fact 1. All Sunni Muslim terrorists--whether the US calls them "moderates" (like branches of Al Qaeda) or "extremists" (like ISIS)--embrace the same intolerant, expansionist form of Sunni Islam, known as Wahhabism--the state religion of Saudi Arabia (which bankrolled 9/11).

Fact 2.  Wahhabism seeks to control all of Africa and most of Asia--from Syria, Lebanon, and Turkey in the West to Kazakhstan in the North to the Philippines in the East and South.  Christians who do not convert to Wahhabi Islam must flee or die.    

Fact 3.  Syrian President Bashar Al Assad--himself an Alawite Muslim, married to a mainstream Sunni Muslim woman--has vigorously protected all Christians, as required by Syria's secular constitution, while "behaving like a tyrant," according to Clinton, in preventing Wahhabism from gaining a foothold among Muslims.  As a consequence of these policies, the Christian population enjoyed peace and prosperity and welfare-state benefits, such as free education and medical care, throughout the Bush years, under Assad, while America was preoccupied with its illegal war in Iraq.  Just how safe Syrian Christians were then can be seen in the fact that before the coming of Clinton and Obama, Christians comprised the largest minority religion in Syria at 10% of the total population--or 1.8 million Christians.  Whereas the Wahhabi nation of Saudi Arabia, which Clinton and Obama consider such a close ally of the US (or at least the elite thereof), boasts an official population of 0% Christian as everyone there is theoretically born a Sunni Muslim.  Anyone who declares himself a Christian is therefore judged to be an "apostate"--and so subject to beheading by the Saudi state (which is far less important to Hillary than gaining rich Saudi women the right to drive).


Fact 4. A further indication of Syrian Christians trust in Assad to safeguard them against US-backed terrorists if he can is that even after 2 years of a Clinton-Obama war to depose him, a secret NATO survey in 2013 found that 70% of Christians would still risk their lives to vote for Assad if the US allowed them the option.  But Obama won't allow them.  That would be as stupidly "democratic" as saying that Crimeans have the "right" to vote to rejoin Russia.  Or that Gazans have the "right" to vote for Hamas.  Or that those whom Clinton casts as untouchable "deplorables" have the "right" to vote for Trump.  As elites have learned to their sorrow time and time again, if you give the deplorable "masses" (as elites contemptuously call them) the "right" to vote for whom and what they really want, they will deplorably do just that.  So, NO!  Assad cannot be on the ballot, America says!

Fact 5.  Ousting Assad would empower the US to kick Russia out of its one external naval base in Tartus Syria on the Mediterranean Sea.  It would also let Saudi Arabia build a direct pipeline (which Assad has long opposed ) straight through Syria to the Mediterranean Sea--thereby cutting Russian out of the lucrative European oil market.  It would also give US forces and terrorist groups a direct land route to invade Iran--and from there up into the "underbelly" of Southern (Muslim) Russia.  As the old saying goes: 'The road to Moscow leads from Damascus through Tehran."

Fact 6.  After completing the transformation of Iraq and Libya from successful secular socialist states into failed, Christian-killing statelets, Clinton and Obama decided to send shiploads of US terrorists and weaponry from Libya to Syria in 2011 to begin a "civil war" there.  At the same time, they appointed Robert S. Ford (of Salvadoran death squads fame) to run the day-to-day atrocity operations in Syria as US Ambassador to Damascus, after Ford's great success in fomenting sectarian strife in Iraq--beginning with the controlled demolition of the Golden Mosque in Samarra Iraq in 2006--so like that of the Twin Towers in 2001.


Fact 7. I can almost hear Hillary shouting from the Imperial Box of the Roman Coliseum: "Let the Genocide begin!"  And the so-called Sunni-Muslim "head-choppers" sprang into action at once.


As in this gruesome video of a sick, 12-year-old, Palestinian-Christian boy, just snatched from a Syrian hospital with an IV still in his right arm, being beheaded in the back of a pickup truck by US-supported, "moderate" terrorists--though to call them, "head-choppers," is something of a misnomer since they claim that Sharia law requires them to use not sharp, swift scimitars, like the Saudi executioner shown above, but short pocket-knives that take an hour's worth of sawing to cut off a head so as to inflict maximum pain on the victim before death.

Fact 8.  When confronted with the ghastly news that this US-backed, al-Qaeda affiliate, known as the al-Zenki Movement, had published a video on the internet of one "moderate" terrorist cutting off a Christian boy's head with "moderate" slowness and savagery, except for an excited shout of "Allahu Akbar" ("Allah is Great!") at the end as he swings the boy's bleeding head aloft after cutting the last connective tissue away--State Department Spokesman, Mark Tomer, would only say that:

"If we can prove that this was indeed what happened and this group was involved in it, I think it would certainly give us pause,"

What a legalistic response.  "If we can prove..."  A whole horrific video isn't enough?  And what will the State Department do exactly if months or years from now, this State Department or some future one does prove to its own satisfaction that this al-Qaeda affiliate did do the beheading as shown on the video, how long will the State Department "pause"?  And what will this "pause" entail?     

Fact 9. Frankly, this sort of amoral stalling is exactly the same sort of thing we heard out of the Clinton White House back in 1994 when Bill and Hillary Clinton were doing everything in their power to keep the Rwandan Christian genocide going until CIA asset. Paul Kagame, could be installed as Rwanda's Dictator for Life--at a cost of nearly one million Rwandan Christian lives.  But what did the Clintons care?  No matter what the cost in human lives, President Clinton refused to declare the Rwandan genocide a genocide under The United Nations' Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide and used the veto power of the United States within the Security Council to prevent that body from acting to stop the genocide either.  Indeed the Clintons even succeeded in forcing the UNSC to remove the UN Peacekeepers who were there, as many of us will remember from that heartbreaking film, Hotel Rwanda--though the Clintons knew full well at the time that even greater slaughter would result from their actions.  But if a million dead Rwandans were needed to extend the American Empire into central Africa. then as Madeleine Albright said of the 500,000 Iraqi children killed through the Clintons sanctions against Iraq importing medical supplies: "It was worth it".

Fact 10.  Fast forward 22 years; and we find the same genocide scenario repeating itself--though with this difference: that at least an Act of Congress has forced the Obama Administration to reverse itself and declare the Syrian Christian genocide to be a GENOCIDE in fact after publicly denying the fact.  Yet STIILL the beheadings and crucifixions go on!  STILL the Final Solutions rolls on.  Aren't 1.5 million Syrian Christians dead or fled enough already yet?  It's a Holocaust beyond all imagining!

Fact 11. Every week Syrian Catholic Archbishops and Orthodox Patriarch come to our shores--begging Obama and Clinton to stop the genocide.  Only to return home--unheard--to face assassination attempts as soon as they arrive.


Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II Karim. After assassination attempt claims the lives of 3 bodyguards supplied by President Assad

Only Assad seeks to protect them.  And they him.  

Whereas Clinton and Obama want all of these "deplorable" Christians dead or fled from Syria so that the terrorists can have their Christian-free Middle East.  And the US can at last crush Russia.  

That has been the dream of American elites since American financiers and industrialists first funded Hitler and built his war machine in the deluded hope he would only attack the USSR.  And the two would destroy each other.  It didn't quite work out that way. It never does.

Fact 12.  Yet Clinton and Obama don't want Syrian Christian refugees coming here either and mouthing off to the American media and their Christian brethren--especially in the swing states where Orthodox voters are as thick as leaded water--about the beheadings and crucifixions going on at home.  That would be deplorable indeed.  It would hand Trump the election!  

But it ain't gonna happen.  Clinton and Obama know how to fix his little red wagon.  Just keep the Orthodox Syrian Christians out.  And that's exactly what Obama has done.  Of the 10,000 Syrian refugees Obama has resettled in the US this year, only 52 are Christian.  That's only 0.5%.  Yes.  Just five tenths of one percent!  And of those 52 Christians, just 7 are Orthodox Christians.  Just 7!  That's 0.007%  Shocked?


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