Testosterone Replacement Therapy is like Botox For Men

"In fact, he is embarking on a decision (TRT) that is worse than the woman’s choice to get botox or lip fillers, because the testosterone hormone biologically alters the inner workings of every cell in his body, even within his brain, while the woman primarily manipulates her outer layer of skin. . ."

Originally appeared at: Roosh Valizadeh

During the red pill phase of my life, I made a false god out of testosterone, a sex hormone produced in the testicles. I worshipped how it made me feel more youthful, lustful, and energetic. I rearranged my entire lifestyle to allow it to be more “fertile” in my body, to multiply in concentration beyond my need so that I could pursue a life of sexual sin and muscular vanity. Now that the spell of my old life is broken, I can see clearly how modern man has made a false idol out of testosterone, worshipping it even above God.

Why do women get botox, lip fillers, and other dermatological procedures? To look younger, to improve their aesthetic appearance before others, most especially in internet photographs, and to be more alluring to a male sex partner with high social status. She doesn’t believe that God had a plan to bring her to eternal salvation in making her the way she is. Instead, she seeks benefits from the world that give her the daily food of bodily pleasure and emotional satisfaction. She denies the nature bestowed upon her by God to more effortlessly live a life away from God.

It’s not much different when a man, usually older than 30, decides to get injected with pharmaceutical-grade testosterone as part of the medical treatment called testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). In fact, he is embarking on a decision that is worse than the woman’s choice to get botox or lip fillers, because the testosterone hormone biologically alters the inner workings of every cell in his body, even within his brain, while the woman primarily manipulates her outer layer of skin. Like the woman, this man wants to delay aging, improve his appearance through increased muscle mass, attract the opposite sex, and as a bonus, throw more fuel on the fire of his sexual lust to seduce women he never intends to marry. In my past, when I did all that I could to organically maximize the concentration of testosterone in my body, I “prayed” that it would put me in a lustful state like that of a dog so I could more seamlessly fornicate with women I would have passed on had I maintained a more natural bodily state as determined by God’s commandments and the environmental reality of being a single man living in extreme safety and comfort.

Only God knows if your testosterone is low. The doctors and their laboratories don’t know. They use a needle and test tube to pull a sacrifice of your blood at a single time point and use that to make a proclamation of your entire masculine wellness. It would be like measuring the function of your heart by looking at only one heartbeat and then prescribing a variety of drugs based on that alone instead of hooking you up to a monitor that could measure all 100,000 beats your heart makes in a day, or 700,000 in a week, yet even if a doctor could take continuous measurements of your testosterone, how could they state with certainty that it was too high or too low for you? They compare your testosterone concentration to historical figures codified in medical textbooks that were assembled by taking single snapshots of men who lived in times far less cosmopolitan than now, when they actually fought in wars and worked physical jobs and had more than two children by the time they were 40, all without spending most of their days looking at digital screens.

Men today live a lifestyle of a Pomeranian dog and want to have the testosterone of a German Shepard. You can inject the fluffy Pomeranian with as much testosterone as you want, and it will bark more frequently as it perceives it has become tougher, and it may even develop bulging biceps that it vainly admires in the mirror throughout the day, but it will never be able to defend its master’s house like the German Shepard. The solution is to accept who you are in the times you are in as God created you with humility and repentance instead of rushing to the shamans and witch doctors of our times to change it, not unlike how mentally deranged individuals attempt to change their sex in the name of transgenderism with the exact same vial and lot number with which you are injecting to heat your blood with passion and increase the frequency and realism of your sexual fantasies.

Testosterone is the hormone that God gave men to be protectors of society, wives, and children. When times are rough, the concentration of that hormone will naturally increase within your body to help you serve your duty before God, and when times are not so rough and you’re living like a tiny dog in comfort, the concentration will be low. There are other reasons that testosterone can be low, such as poisoning from plastics and eating genetically modified soy or high fructose corn syrup, but for most men, the level of testosterone you have is the level you need to remain a humble servant of God, and any attempt to manipulate that for primarily worldly gain is motivated by the exact same spirit that pushes women into the offices of dermatologists to have serums injected into their face so that their Instagram photos get more likes from men living in India.

God made you perfectly to serve your mission before Him. You may not believe that upon examining your dandruff, back pain, heartburn, high blood pressure, bouts of depression, headaches, and physical flaws, but He made you perfectly able to worship Him and be saved. From your perspective, you are anything but perfect, but in your ability to transcend the evils of this world to serve God in the next, there is nothing you can add through the tinkering of technology, chemicals, or drugs that could be considered an improvement. Accept your mental and physical deficiencies with humility, bear what you can, and reject any false promise by Satan to improve your body in this life beyond what is needed to worship God.

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