"Russian Amish", Old Believers, Return from South America to Russia's Far East (VIDEO)

Almost 100 years later, the Russian government is offering them to return and receive free land

Russian Old Believers are returning from immigration in Latin America to their homeland after almost a hundred years of immigration.

They decided to return after they found out about the program Far East Hectare which offers returning immigrants free land.

Old Believers are Russian Christians who did not accept the reforms of the Official Russian Church in the 1600s.

Since then, they have maintained a strict, vividly separate culture and identity. They usually live in communities,  farming the land and adhering to a traditional lifestyle.

Old Believers have large families and dress traditionally; phones and washing machines are forbidden.  Children do not attend school and are taught to read religious books in Old Slavonic, an old, complex language used in Russian Church services.

Throughout the 20th century, religious persecution forced the Russian Old Believers to wander through countries and continents.

The Kilin family maintained its traditions for decades in Uruguay, but they were thrilled when the chance to return to Russia appeared.

They are the trailblazers.  Since they arrived, they have already built a small village (three houses) and begun to farm.

If everything works for them, thousands more of our Old Believers may arrive in Russia’s Far East.

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