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Dearest to Christ,

Many Orthodox Christians have contacted us seeking resources for exemption from mandatory masks, vaccination, and testing against Covid-19 in various settings (i.e., workforce, school, and military). Below, we have compiled various resources we believe are helpful. Each has its own particular strength; find the documents best suited to your situation. Maybe multiple documents and resources from below will best serve you. We will continue to pray that the Lord protect and guide you from the current craftily-designed demonic temptation to defile your souls and bodies in the pursuit of some supposed humanitarian good. If you have trouble accessing or downloading the resources below, please contact us.

In Christ,

Fr. Peter Heers and the Orthodox Ethos team


  1. Herein, may be one of the most important documents for an Orthodox Christian in this post. This is a thorough collection of both hierarchical and spiritual leaders stating the position that an Orthodox Christian should not receive the vaccine. It argues the Orthodox position from many supporting points, both spiritual and medical, with links to its sources. Vaccine Exemption: Orthodox Christian Religious - Practical Supporting Documents.pdf
  2. Herein, you will find an “air tight religious exemption request” template if it is mandated at school, job, or in the military. Additionally, there are “practical” templates available that explain why the vaccine is not necessary from a medical standpoint. This is one of the best resources available online in collecting exemption forms that are already pre-made for you. We all owe “Kaleb of Atlanta” a great debt of gratitude for these.
  3. Herein, you will find exemption templates for school, work, and military that argue from a legal basis. Disclaimer: This might not be able to be used once the vaccines have acquired FDA Approval. However, see the first bullet point in the “Additional resources supporting exemptions” section down below. Vaccines & The Law - America's Frontline Doctors (
  4. Herein, are three legal exemption templates from masks, testing and the vaccines. Usable for work or school. Note: All three are based on the basis that these products are not FDA approved and thus mandating is illegal. However, see the first bullet point in the “Additional resources supporting exemptions” section down below. Federal Law Prohibits Mandates of Emergency Use COVID Vaccines, Tests, Masks — 3 Resources You Can Use to Inform Your School or Employer • Children's Health Defense (
  5. Herein, is a letter a parent can fill and give to the school mandating the vaccine for their child which argues from a legal and medical basis. 2021-5_To Universities RE COVID Mandate from RFK Jr-LB (1).docx ( See also: 2021-06_GENERIC Mandate letter.docx ( resources are available on this site, especially for children (see below).
  6. Herein, you will find a strong scientifically based template parents can write to schools mandating their children to wear masks. Rational Ground – Clear Reasoning on National Policy for COVID-19 » Letter to the School Board
  7. Herein, you will find a list of schools that allow for various exemptions (religious or legal) and details how to access such exemption documentation. Disclaimer: The list of schools posted was last updated June 23, 2021 and the website does not guarantee accuracy of information. Additionally, on the website’s top right corner is a drop-down menu; select the “Covid-19” tab for more legal and medical resources helpful for exemptions. Finally, if interested in legal assistance for exemptions, you can contact ICAN via email or phone call at: or 512-522-8739. COVID-19 Vaccine Exemptions | ICAN - Informed Consent Action Network (
  8. Herein, a legal team is offering assistance to anyone seeking exemptions. WeThePatriots has been successful already (see website news). Additionally, they provide various resources for Military Religious Exemptions. See We the Patriots USA. See also Military Religious Accommodations – We the Patriots USA.
  9. Herein, at the bottom of the page with a light grey box as a background is an exemption template for a working individual to hand to their boss. The strength of this template is stating one’s basic medical rights. Whoever uses this can copy and paste this in a document and adjust the wording according to their own needs, such as the greeting and closing. Fight Back: Here's How People Are Legally Resisting Dystopian Diktats to Get a Covid Shot or Be Fired – PJ Media See also Exemption Template #1 (below).
  10. Herein, you will find a few Legal Notices and Affidavits against Mandatory Vaccinations and Face Masks you can present at work or school. The website also has various documents on information regarding the dangers of masks and vaccines (see especially the “Informed Consent Matter” under “Testimonies and Reports…” which documents MANY specific adverse reactions you can hand to your school or employer substantiating your beliefs): Resources - Constitutional Law Group
  11. Herein, you will find “Acceptance of Responsibility” documents which “is to make the doctor or other vaccine promoting individual aware that you are aware of the dangers of vaccination and that you insist that the promoters accept the responsibility that they so easily expect you to bear.” This may be best handled by submitting the paperwork for their review then rescheduling the conversation (since the goal is to avoid an appointment with the vaccine distributor anyway). The strongest document here is the “Physician's Warranty for Vaccine Safety” Vaccination Liberation Information (
  12. Herein, you will find an article that explains exactly how much legal ground (and it is significant) is actually held by those who feel employers are asking employees to violate their religious convictions. For Covid Vaccine Religious Exemptions - Your Sincerely Held Beliefs Are What Matter - Orthodox Reflections. In another article, they share the resources found in the above Resource #2 with a good explanation for each, along with a sample Exemption Letter from the Rutherford Institute (bottom of post): The Air Tight Religious Exemption Request for Covid Vaccines - Orthodox Reflections

More Exemption Documents:

  1. Exemption Template 1: This is an excellent starting document for beginning an amiable conversation with one’s boss or employer. It pushes back against a mandate from a position of strength. With this document, you are not appearing to threaten legal action but rather to express your very serious concern, in writing, how uncomfortable you are with the employer’s decision. Download here.
  2. Exemption Template 2: Makes the legal arguments why experimental medical products cannot be mandated. This is a strong legal document when these shots do not have FDA approval. Again, even in the event of FDA approval, you can cite the 2005 Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights which protects your right to choose (see 3.a above). Download here.
  3. Orthodox Ethos Religious Exemption: This takes a complete apologetic supporting an Orthodox Christian refusing to get the COVID-19 vaccine which takes into account the presuppositions which differentiate a Western understanding of “religious exemptions” from an Orthodox approach to the issue (primarily when an Orthodox Christian might be asked for “the head of your religious body to make a statement”). As Orthodox Christians, we do not have a Pope, nor a Caliph, nor a Dali Lama. Our head is the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, a carefully constructed religious exemption has been crafted to present an Orthodox opposition to a mandated vaccine. NOTE: the “NOW, THEREFORE” section needs to be personalized. NOTE: there are instructions to notarize the document at the end. Download here.


It is an admitted fact that the current shots use ingredients or use, in the process of their production, fetal “therapy” which comes from the harvesting of embryos by that satanic process of abortion. See the above religious exemption resources, especially “Vaccine Exemption: Orthodox Christian Religious - Practical Supporting Documents.pdf.”

The evil of this should not be underestimated. The Holy Fathers have an axiom that “you cannot do a good thing in a bad way.” See

We also have this testimony from the life of St. John the Theologian (from the Synaxarion): “The following was recorded by St. Prochorus, one of the seven Deacons, concerning the holy apostle and Evangelist, the beloved John the Theologian. . . . In the bath-house there was diabolical activity at work. When it was first being built, Satan incited these deluded idolaters to bury in the foundation, under the stones, either a fifteen or sixteen-year old youth or maiden, that it might go well in the bath-house. With this bloodthirsty murder of an innocent child, Satan began to dwell therein with demons.”

Whether it is a bathhouse or a medical product, we should know from our Tradition that if it is founded or built upon the murder of innocent children, then it becomes the dwelling place of demons! This was even confessed to Geronda Evthymios on Athos during a recent exorcism.

In St. Nikolai Velimirovich’s Prologue, we read the life of St. Constantine the Great and find another relevant spiritual example of this evil. St. Nikolai narrates: “Constantine fell ill with the dreaded disease of leprosy. As a cure, the pagan priests and physicians counseled him to bathe in the blood of slaughtered children. However, he rejected that. Then the Apostles Peter and Paul appeared to him and told him to seek out Bishop Sylvester, who would cure him of this dreaded disease. The bishop instructed him in the Christian Faith and baptized him, and the disease of leprosy vanished from the emperor’s body.” For Orthodox Christians, it should be enough to have faith that the Church heals diseases of both body and soul. That the slaughter of children is unnecessary, yet the evil is promoted anyway, should now become a cause of very great repentance for us.

Our saints of past days have been warning us of the deception of these times in healthcare. You may find some in the supporting documents listed in the resources above. In addition to those, notice some more compiled over the previous months from Of significance is the recent Fr. Peter podcast Why I Will Not Be Inoculated with the Experimental Drug Solution. In addition to these are many more testimonies. Geronda Athanasios Mitilinaios taught “In the martyrdom of the last days, there will be a manipulation of the soul, and the methods used will be most satanic. Why? Because they will inject chemical substances inside of you (vaccines). That will paralyze your nous, your volition, your freedom, It will alter your sense of personal feeling, and detract (misdirect) your nous. These things have been tested and are widely known!”

Additional resources supporting exemptions:

Given the politicized nature of this and the censorship which comes with it, it is likely the links may not stay up or may change. As of the time of this posting, all these links are active and working. Please contact Orthodox Ethos if a link appears broken.

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