Getting Out of Dodge While You Can - Having the Foresight to Leave the West

With America's persistent downward spiral in both laws and morals, people are beginning to realize that the brightest future might necessarily be in some other country

Originally appeared at: Mark Dankof's America

It goes without saying that Father Joseph Gleason of Russian Faith is making his mark in the world for the Kingdom of God in Jesus Christ.  His theological journey has finally taken him into the priesthood of the Russian Orthodox Church. 

Geographically, the journey he and his family have embarked upon has taken them from the United States to Russia and a place called Rostov-The-Great.  His is a story worth following on an ongoing basis.  I sense his personal odyssey may prove larger in history than he or anyone else imagines right now.

His most recent entry on the Russian Faith website is entitled, “Homosexuals Persecuting Christians in America:  Do You Feel The Walls Closing In?” This marvelous piece is 5,050 words long.  My initial response to his essay was – and is – a simple “Yes.”

I do not come to this conclusion quickly or without study and engagement. Since 9/11, I have focused my remaining life on attempting to bring the people of America to an awareness of how late the hour is, and the perilous state of both individual souls and a collective people that has turned its back on God in favor of an Empire built on narcissism, militarism, usury, and sodomy.

But the painful truth is that I have failed, and I have lost 17 years of my life in the process. I admitted as much some years ago in a well publicized essay entitled, “Why We’re Finished.” 

In 2015, after the infamous Obergefell Supreme Court decision legalized same-sex "marriage", I told Press TV Iran the truth about who had played a pivotally disproportionate role in bringing about this latest advance of Cultural Marxism in the United States, as had also been the case in the Roe v. Wade decision of January, 1973.  In response, I found myself being pilloried by the Jerusalem Post and the international Jewish press.

Joseph Biden said the same thing I did. The only difference is that he hailed the development as a new dawning in America, and I didn’t.  Thus, I was in the crosshairs of the usual suspects. Not one of my Christian colleagues in the United States came to my public defense. I was on my own and I knew it, just as I have been for years in these circles for discussing 9-11, Empire foreign and military policy, and the abortion and LGBTQ issues, among many others.

Nothing in the last 4 years has changed the equation. I said as much in an essay titled, “Russia is a Beacon of Promise for a Christian Future” for Russian Faith and Russia Insider readers. The thousands of hits on those sites revealed I had struck either a chord, or a raw nerve, depending on the perspective of the reader. This is why editors like Charles Bausman and Father Joseph Gleason have increasingly come under attack by the American MSM, in rags such as The Daily Beast, which has assaulted me just as it has gone after these fine people. I wear that as a badge of honor.

RussiaInsider04This brings me back to Father Joseph’s latest article. His conclusions about what the LGBTQ movement and the power elite’s goals are in both the United States and globally in regard to authentic Christianity and its adherents are no different than what Rod Dreher wrote in Time Magazine after the Obergefell decision, only sharper in focus in the implications. This sharpened focus leads the American Christian who prayerfully contemplates the reality of the encroachments of the New World Order to examine his or her position very carefully as the Holy Spirit of God leads and directs.

After examination, I humbly conclude that:

  1. Father Joseph Gleason has made the right decision for himself and his family in moving to Russia;
  2. Recent developments in that country and elsewhere make it clear to me that the Orthodox Church is especially being used of God in the proclamation of the Gospel in an age of advancing heresy and apostasy;
  3. For young believers around the world — including a remarkable young couple in Brazil I recently read about — and young American Christians feeling bewildered as they Feel the Walls Closing In, it is important to examine the Lord’s will very closely in regard to the beckoning of Father Joseph and those who are following him to Russia. At this eschatological hour in history, in response to a Western Globalist movement bent on using sexual perversion, mass media manipulation, consumerism, economic sanctions, and military aggression to achieve Satan’s final victory in this present realm, the evidence suggests that God is restoring Russia to a place of power and moral influence, so that it will be able to counter the evil plans of the West.
  4. The latest activity of the United States in Ukraine, sewing discord in the Orthodox Church, only underscores the depths to which the political leadership in America will go to further the objectives of the New World Order, along with the entire spectrum of moves being made against Iran, Syria, Russia, and Venezuela;
  5. When all of this is understood in discernment by the Christian believer in the West, those of us whose circumstances mandate remaining in our earthly homeland in exile, must do so only in the clear understanding that the outcome is not merely an exilic experience of alienation and marginalization, but one which promises martyrdom itself.

In my most recent public address I discussed these things. I’m still not sure whether the people in that lecture hall in upstate Wisconsin really had the foggiest notion of what I was trying to say to them. But Father Joseph Gleason knows of what I speak, and so do most of his readers at Russian Faith. There are a few Christian homeschoolers in Texas who certainly understand.

For those in the United States and the West who are in a position to make choices for themselves and their families, on the basis of their individual circumstances and their Christian witness for the truth in history, consider following Fr. Joseph to higher ground. Get out of Dodge while you can.

I truly believe God has raised up this man at a most critical hour of world history. Consider his witness and his words carefully. That is my best advice to you. The clock is ticking towards midnight.

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