Christian Youth Group Grows in Popularity. Promotes Sports, Morality, Traditional Family Values

They also build churches, get celebrities to promote their activities

Originally appeared at: Russia Insider

This article was originally published on Russia Insider in 2016

Here's an interesting insight into how society is changing in Russia.

It's a news story about a Christian group which is gaining in popularity.  

It encourages young people to engage in healthy activities, physical exercise, promotes family values and moral behavior.

The group is supported by sports and entertainment celebrities. It was started by the organization called "Forty Forties."  The organization's main goal is to return Moscow to its former glory, to what it was before the Revolution: namely, the city of forty forties, a city which had 1600 churches.

The members also participate in social work, such as helping in orphanages and the homeless.

And, of course, they organize and participate in sports events. 

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