The Christian Convictions of the Ukraine Resistance

An interesting detail emerged this summer, which gives an insight into the mentality of the leadership of the Donbass resistance.

Their then commander-in-chief, Igor Strelkov, issued an order forbidding profanity, making it a serious disciplinary violation, subject to punishment.  

It further instructed officers to educate troops about the reasons why profanity should not be tolerated, explaining that it is a serious sin, and weakens the spirit of the army, thus making it more vulnerable to the enemy.  (Complete text of the order below)

This is more evidence that Strelkov takes his Christian faith very seriously.   In April he formed the "Russian Orthodox Army", one of the major military units under his command.   Here are some pictures of him with his troops, featuring banners with the image of Christ the Savior, performing an oath of loyalty kissing the flag of a battalion in a church.

Resistance Commander-in-Chief, Igor Strelkov, performing an oath-taking ceremony in a church

Here is the full text of the order:

Proclamation forbidding the use of profanity in the army of Novorossiya
Colonel Strelkov, Commander of DPR Militia, Jul 28 2014

- Issued on the Day of the Holy Saint Vladimir, the Companion of the Apostles of Christ, the Day of the Baptism of Rus -

We call ourselves an Orthodox army, and are proud not to serve the Golden Calf, but to serve our Lord Jesus Christ, and our banners depict the face of the Saviour.

The use of profanity by soldiers is a blasphemy against the Lord and the Mother of God whom we serve and whom we protect in battle. I hereby ORDER:

  • To prohibit the use of profanity.

  • Unit commanders to convey this order to the troops. Commanders and officers for ideology to conduct explanatory work about the meaning of profanity, and the reasons for its inadmissibility.

  • Swearing in public places shall be treated as a serious disciplinary offence and punished accordingly.


Profanity is of non-Russian origin, and is used by the enemies of Russia to desecrate our Holy Places, to degrade Russian soldiers spiritually, to break them in battle, and to bring the people to their knees. 

Therefore, Profanity is blasphemy, which has always been considered a grave sin.

The principle of the enemies of Russia has always been the same as it is today, for the haters of Christians who have seized power in Kiev, who order Orthodox Ukrainians to shoot at their temples, to deride our banners with the face of the Saviour, and deride the Orthodox priesthood.

In this context, we cannot allow Russian warriors to use the language of the enemy. It humiliates us spiritually and leads us to defeat.

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