7 Ways to Fly to Russia Now

Originally appeared at: Moving to Russia

File:6 Sukhoi Su-25's Russian Air Force Making The Flag in Smoke  (8128495899).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Even though most airlines don’t currently have round trip airfare available from America to Russia, that doesn’t mean you have to put your travel plans on hold. The borders are open between Russia and America, and the borders are open between Russia and Western Europe, so traveling to Russia is possible. You just need to know your options.

After you get your Russian VISA, here are seven ways you can travel to Russia right away:

  1. Round-trip ticket with Turkish Airlines — This is certainly the most convenient option. On their website, you can book flights from America to Russia. Unfortunately, this is also one of the most expensive options. As of the writing of this article, it costs over $2000 USD to fly round-trip from Chicago to Moscow, with a connection in Istanbul, Turkey.

    On the bright side, both international airports in Istanbul are very safe and comfortable. I have been in both of them myself, and I enjoyed my time there. Turkey makes billions of dollars from the international travel that goes through these two airports, so they have strong motivation to keep everyone safe. The shops and restaurants in both airports are very good, even by American standards. If the ticket pricetag is not a deterrent, then this is probably the best way to fly to Russia.

  2. Fly to Russia via Armenia — The ancient city of Yerevan, Armenia, is said to be even older than Rome. The country has economic ties with both Russia and the West, and their international airport welcomes flights in both directions.

    First, purchase a round trip ticket to Yerevan. Then, using a different airline (such as Aeroflot), spend a couple hundred dollars on a round trip ticket from Yerevan to Moscow.

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