Popular British Priest Offers the Orthodox Answer to the New World Order (VIDEO)

Originally appeared at: Father Spyridon

Fr. Spyridon Bailey is a priest of the Diocese of Great Britain and Western Europe of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, serving in England and Ireland, famous for his powerful sermons & messages, being the author of the best-seller "Orthodoxy and the Kingdom of Satan". In this video he talks about the Orthodox Christian response to the constantly and radically changing world we find ourselves in.

"Christians in our age are recognizing a rate of change that is certainly new. There is a greater acceleration in the change that we are perceiving around us, in the world around us, in our educational organizations, in our social organizations. Things are changing so rapidly that it is almost as if in every few years we feel almost that the world around us has changed completely from what it was not just in our youth, but even ten years ago, even five years ago we may say. . ."


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