What a Famous American Monk Said about Aliens, Speaking in Tongues, and the Persecution of Christians

Originally appeared at: Global Orthodox

He is indeed a famous American monk, but has fame is more widespread in Russia. In the Christian Orthodox Russia, to that.

He was a Californian boy, Eugene Rose, seemingly not much different from his college pals of the late ‘50es. Yet he was different, in witness thereof stands a grave in a remote Orthodox monastery in the North California mountains, attracting pilgrims from all over America, with a simple inscription, Priest-monk Seraphim.

Even more important witness of Fr. Seraphim’s fame are his writings. Under the Communists no Christian publishing was allowed in Russia, so Christians translated Fr. Seraphim’s books from English and secretly shared them with one another, type-written in half dozen carbon copies.

In the 21st century Russia Fr. Seraphim’s works are less visible in the ocean of the newly published Christian literature – but, not quite unexpectedly, they return to his compatriots, stirring genuine interest in readies of any faith or background. His Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future is as fresh and sobering as it was half a century ago. And don’t you assume the “the religion of the future” in this context is something to cherish:

Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future is one of Father Seraphim Rose’s most popular works, apparently more so in Russia than in the United States, where I read that it is offered for sale in subway stations (in America, good luck finding it in a physical bookstore). The book offers a summary of all false religious phenomena that are helping to condemn souls in our modern times, such as New Age beliefs, mediumistic practices, “alien” sightings, and pseudo-demonic forms of church worship.

This extensive review of Orthodoxy And The Religion Of The Future will help your getting know the book as well as its author – and you will be definitely grateful to the Lord for both!

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