WAR: The Bitter Divine Remedy Against Godlessness

"There is no peace for the wicked, says the Lord. . ."

Originally appeared at: Andrey Tkachev

Editor's Note: This article was generated by machine translation, so our staff cautions the reader about possible inaccuracies that may have resulted from this. However, it was deemed worthwhile to still publish such a piece because of the intrinsic value of the message - which remains evident even in its translated form. 

The quality of our peace determines whether or not there will be war. If in times of peace our lives are pleasing to God, of course there will be no war. Oh, if only that were so! But a world without God is a cradle of war. War germs are breeding and growing in the world, and when they multiply and grow, war is inevitable. Whether they want it or not, it is inevitable.

Among the causes of both past and coming wars, the main and primary cause is ungodliness and falling away from the One Living God. "There is no peace for the wicked, says the Lord" (Isaiah 42:22). Many Christians... who rushed to church during the war... began after the war to grow cold to religion and to fall away from faith in God. And if you remind them of this, they will ironically retort that religion is no longer modern. How can this be? After all, God is the ultimate Reality! Godlessness or unbelief is inevitably followed by idol worship... The apostate replaces the unity of God with a plurality of idols. No idol worshipper has ever worshipped only one idol... Since it is possible to make sense of the current spiritual chaos of the vast majority of educated Europeans and Americans... they now have five major idols that they serve:

1 - Matter;
2 - The personal self (ego);
3 - Imperialism;
4 - Nation;
5 - Culture.

Of these five idols, two can be described as meaningless and three as hypocritical. Culture and nationalism are meaningless because they only shout about themselves and advertise themselves; and materialism, imperialism and egoism are hypocritical because they pretend and lie under other names. In the language of Dostoevsky, all these idols could be called demons. All of them, these idols, were, of course, once true values and could become so again if they were sanctified by faith in the One Living God and imbued with the spirit of God's law.

Matter was given by God to men to serve them, not to dominate their souls. God gives the idea of empire to the most gifted nations for the purpose of serving the weaker and less gifted; as a strong brother is given to help the weaker. A nation is a wonderful and righteous, though limited, field for the service of God and men. A personal "I," that is, a rational soul, has been given by God to every man, in order to elevate it by service and love to become like Him, His Creator. God breathed into man the desire for culture, so that through it the human soul might manifest its dominion over the world of matter and its devotion and service to God. All these values would thus take on an angelic appearance through that service and love which the Lord Jesus Christ commanded. But as the Seraphim who once fell away from God, called Lucifer, became the devil, so these values became idols without God, demons.

I am only talking about the Christian nations. They are the ones who fought the last World Wars, and they are preparing the new one... Since the time of God-fighting in Europe, the European nations have fought incomparably more than the rest of the world. War has been God's scourge to instruct the unwise. But the unwise have not been sensible. They are falling deeper and deeper, hurtling toward the abyss... Those who were chosen by God to be "salt and light," have lost their power and have faded away. Though they boast that they are the salt of the earth and the light of the world, no one believes them anymore. Neither India, nor China, nor Africa any longer look upon white men as the salt and light of the earth, regarding them as nothing and darkness.

1 - The reasons for the future war are the apostasy from God and idolatry of the Christian nations and their leaders;
2 - These causes are identical with the causes of the wars from which Israel, once the salt and light of the world, suffered and perished;
3 - These causes must be quickly destroyed by repentance and a return to God, because otherwise a whole series of future wars will undoubtedly lead to the destruction of the Christian nations-but not of Christianity itself.

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